1. sub

    Sub learns to map

    Hold your applause, today is only the first day I started. Thank you to Grega who helped me out with getting started. Now, without further ado, I present to you esf_mountain. I know, a lot of you are thinking, "Hey Sub, that looks nothing like a mountain! That's not even esf, that's cs!"...
  2. A

    Enhance Your Images (Photoshop Tutorial)

    Enjoy.. Any questions.. Post them in here..
  3. I

    Complete Mapping Faq

    I made a complete mapping FAQ for mapping with Worldcraft for ESF. Well not on the actuall mapping but on getting it set up. I was hoping to just paste the text up here on the message board... but it seems like it won't. So I put it up on my website. click here to view it. :fight:
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