1. M

    20 Minute, 10 Layer sig

  2. Vejimaru

    Angelic Layer Animated Sig

    I was REALLY bored
  3. B

    ... hope ...

    Reaching out for the impossible... as long as there is hope, everything is possible greetz
  4. Wangster

    sorry for english

    well, i supose this belongs in artwork part since its about art. there is 1 thing i really dont understand, and dont know how. you guys r always talking about blending in an image, and i dont know what bleding is.... so could someone tell me what it actually is, and how to do it, i got...
  5. Shuyin

    Forum Banner *Request*

    Ok, i have a forum And we need a decent banner. I can make an ok one, but ive seen some real talent here and i thought one of you might be up for making one. Instructions : The banner must be 600 x 100 pixels and no more. The image has no specific theme, but must contain the...
  6. N

    newb at makein skins plz help!

    I was just wonderin how to color stuff... I just made a little kirby so ya I need help bad!!! :scared: o_o
  7. SandMan

    Sig/Callage I made

    I made this for my friend, give me some crtiz plz
  8. Demi-Shadow

    My first Bryce piece

    I've made a few before but this is my first one I actually tried on. I'm happy with the results, took about 20 minutes to make and about 5 to render it. comments? Click here to view it
  9. ultrassj_vegeta

    Tribute to vegeta

    tribute to vegeta he's the best
  10. Suh Dude

    Light Blade

    Watcha Think?
  11. S

    skinning question

    is there any way to just shade something a different color without screwing up the detail. and i have photostudio and paint shop pro 7.
  12. S

    another wallpaper

    give me some crits and please dont talk about the faces too much
  13. VivaLaPineapple

    another armored core image

    i really wouldnt call this a wallpaper because it doesnt even remotely resemble one so ill just say its an image its supposed to be the perspective of another ac. if i wanted to be super fancy id take like months to design a ****pit but im just a little to lazy at the moment too so what u...
  14. S

    bigger kamehameha

    check this out. i made the kamehameha sprite as big as it could get with sprite veiw and wizard. ill have a download limk vey soon. :)
  15. C

    First desktop...

    was mucking around after watching bloodlust and did this. I know its kinda basic but i almost got the look i was going for...was suppposed to have a cross shaded into the right side above his head but i kinda deleted the layer by accident :cry...
  16. GotenksOwnz

    Some1 help me with photoshop plz :D

    I have been useing paintshop pro but peeps say photoshop was better so i *aqquired* it but its all new and i get lost. So wat i want to know is.. 1. Wat do i click to get a good backround patten on a new layer. 2. How do i add my pic to the backround. 3. Any web sites which could help. 4...
  17. Z

    a glow outline

    can someone tell me how to outline my ppl with i glow in my sigs i out photoshop 7.0 , i just can find out where im suppost to go
  18. Marauder

    First sig(first time using photo shop)

    hey, this is my new sig, its the first time i used photo shop so dont laugh...
  19. E

    Flash Sigs

    anyone tell me how to make a simple effect like this even any effect like flashing or any and hat program do i use please futile?
  20. Vegito1180


    How Do I Make A Grid On My Sig?
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