1. Diablos

    1.2.2/3 > Strange latency problems.

    This might not be a bug per-say, but it's something that started happening after the 1.2.2/3 patch (i'm not entirely sure which build started the problem because i downloaded and installed them at the same time). If this has been posted before please don't eat me alive, i did quickly look...
  2. S

    Latency Crash from beams?

    I've been the culpret of this about a half dozen times. I apologize if this has already been noted or if i posted it on the wrong forum but i do think this is a problem not yet discussed. If a person fires a beam, and another person does a last minute counter beam, you will take damge and get...
  3. R

    Name of the game is latency

    Me Piccollo 1,700,000 Draylock 2,000,000 my ping 150 (DSL) his ping 89 (not sure) i lose every swoop it looks like he's hitting me from 30ft away wtf!!!;( ;( ;(
  4. AscendantSaiyan

    Lets see this....

    I would like to see more maps in the beta with lots o water eg. dockside or over the ocean with a few islands (more water than land maps) and maybe some working thunder like de_aztec. maybe some climate like raining (snow is possible eg. de_survivor --i think--) using sprites or whatever...