1. Damaera

    Minor Knock Back After Transformation

    Pretty much what the topic says. After you finish transforming, there should be an effect that knock backs players within a 5-10 yard radius. Basically just a way to not have players beat the **** out of you after you finish transforming.
  2. D

    knock back to wall jump

    got it from watching the fight with pikkon when you get hit from any length, as long as your still flying backwards youll still knockback into a wall, and hang there for a second right? lets say your at half the maximum distance a knockback will allow being hit at the wall, in reality you...
  3. D

    explosion knock back and block

    1. explosion knock back-basically when you get hit by a really big beam or blast you should be knocked back by the blast simple enough really 2. in the show whenever the characters knew they were gonna get hit by an explosion they shielded them selves (mainly their weakest point which usually...
  4. U

    1.2b Beam knock back suggestion.

    Assuming there is a small patch between 1.2 and 1.3.... i'm suggesting a new way to knock an attack back to your opponent. When a beam is comming towards you (perferably a large attack beam), you swoop into the beam with melee selected holding secondary fire. Now, if you are strong enough you...
  5. C

    Explosion Knock back

    I haven't been here in a while but i have a suggestion ive been thinking about. When lets say a vegeta with a pl of 3,000,000 shoots a gallit gun at two is a goku with a pl of 2,500,000 and the other is a Krillin with a pl of 950,000. Well the gallit gun hits and because of...
  6. GMan

    Knock it off you two

    I see absolutely no reason for that Gohan thread by sexy to be closed. Pro, maybe you could just not flame sexy in every thread he makes and post a picture of something 'better', because your ego is far too big. You both make good models, now stop arguing with each other and ruining it for the...
  7. G

    how dow i mack a map in valve hammer editor

    if u can help? plz do
  8. H

    knock away block

    if theres no energy sheild how about if you ahve a knock away block it should be a hotkeyed move and it has to be timed just right and when a kiblast is close enough, press the button and you hit it away, but it should take half the ki the person who attacked you used to make the blast. how...