1. Darth Revan

    Kickass router

    i found this pic on google images and i thaught i would make one my self in the future
  2. ~*Logan*~

    Kickass song

    Ok not really, but I do need help. To be blunt, I need ideas/suggestions. I'm trying to find a really badass, kickass, dramatic, epic song that would be good "boss" or "Final boss" music material. I play the PC version of FFXI so that allows me to change all the music files to any song I...
  3. GhostfaceKillah


  4. GhostfaceKillah


    Well i think this is definatly one of my best peices, it took about a total of 5 hours to make, not including the hours of planning... The hardest part was blending the pictures together so the look this good... If you are prepared... click here.... EDIT: sorry for the load time, its just...
  5. C


    can somebody help me i downloaded milkshape 3d and i dont get how to make a model can somebody plz help me?
  6. N


    New here, lo everyone, heres a splash me and my m8 made, its abstract, hope u enjoy. cheers.
  7. Z

    a few filters, and some grunge

    and you get this: took me about 30 minutes to make.. i think it looks sweet crits?
  8. ultrassj_vegeta


    crits... o yeh i do realise there is a mistake above the wheel... edit: o yeh and another one... i didn make the bg in this one.. i just used a filter to edit dat.. hehehe
  9. H

    Kenshin wallpaper

    wonder if i should just make an art topic here and renew it like i do at dmz forums oh well Just messing with a simple style still, I liked how well kenshin expressed emotions with facial features and decided to do this.. comments?
  10. |Da|K|

    Wogasm&dak to getha

    hey guy me an wogasm teamed up... wogs did 3d render i did all the airbrushin soo CRITZ!
  11. stiffdog


    i know this is not dbz related but i just wanted to show u guys one of my other pics.:rolleyes: here link if wont load. legolas remember to copy and paste
  12. HyperSaiyaman


    Please, i need help, if any1 know if there is any pages with freeza last transf. pleae give it to me, i saw a gif image with a freeza transf. spinnig doing all transformations, please if you have those files plase post them here, and soccer plase fix that bandwith excceded problem.
  13. Effigy

    My Kickass AMV

    I got a sweet dbz music video ive made but have nowhere to host it... can anyone suggest a BIG free host WITHOUT A STUPID UPLOAD SIZE LIMIT i had a 1gig free host but with a 25k upload limit WTF IS THE POINT OF THAT... anyway they killed my account when i tried to haX0rize their limit so...
  14. W

    question 'bout the new lookout map

    will the new kami's lookout have a hyperbolic time chamber in it? you know, like the one swisscheese made? that would be sweet...
  15. E

    majin buu

    props to whoever made the new MB model i have to say every detail on him is perfect *anyone says othewise answers to my double barrel shotgun*great job guys u kicks da ass [i could just imagen him in game saying IMA EAT U UP LOL!!!!]
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