1. KidMan

    New Secondary Ki-blast

    Right now, ki blasts shoot either straight or in an arc. My idea would be to change the secondary fire of Ki blast to charged up ki blasts. Its just like the one that arcs, but bigger, stronger, faster and at the cost of more ki. If people still want to keep the button fire to arc and straight...
  2. W

    KI-Blast trail

    well, i'm just thinking that it would be much better if the trail from the KI-Blast should be removed. the ki-blast's look's much better than in 1.0, and in the show i never remembered that they had so often a trail.
  3. UsSj BrOlLy

    when you blast a ki-blast on the ground there scould apear an crater

    I came up with this idea and I thought be an good idea for an next version of esf. What I mean is when somebody fires a ki-blast (for instance an kamehameha) there should be an crater in the ground (if he fires it at the ground) and when you fly high in the air and you let yourself drop from the...
  4. P

    Vegeta's kiblast - balance problem

    Renzokuken SUCKS - it fires six balls in the time it takes most characters to rattle off 12 w/ the alternate fire, it takes the same amount of time for him to charge it up as it does for him to just fire off 6, so why even use renzokuken besides for looks, it is more effective to just secondary...
  5. ssj999vegeta

    vegeta ki-blast

    i just downloaded the new patcdh and vegeta has no ki-blast thing it goes strait from melee to generic, all the other chars work fine wtf is wrong?
  6. Fenumeher


    hi, is it possible to turn the kiblast of to? i want to try multiplayer powerbeam but the damn bots always do kiblast when i typed "mp_melee off" in console.
  7. The Dark One

    New Kiblast Sprite

    I'm making a new kiblast sprite. Here's a pic from what's it's gonna be, I will post an animated pic later... IF you have any suggestions about the look post it here, I gonna make some more versions and then choose the best...
  8. Wyatt

    charging up kiblast

    i like the (what looks like shoot whole bunch of genric beams at once) renzoku but in the show when goku and vegeta took on buu and vegeta refused to fuse w/goku they both charged up a kiblast and threw it at him and me thinks would be good addition to the kiblast.
  9. S

    kiblast HAS secondary fire

    I was just messing around with some attacks and i discoverd that kiblast has secondary fire !!! your character will use his left and his right arm to shoot kiblasts , so you shoot 'em much faster :D :cool:
  10. L

    Better animation of KI-BLAST

    I think, the ki-blasts are not as good as in the series! The speed is ok but i could be better! Take an example of DragonmodZ. The ki-blast is wonderful! It would be right if it isn't only a small sprite-ball! It should be a tail in the back (hopefully you know what i mean :) )
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