1. Gogeta

    damn nice models

    man i saw the new screenies with all the new animations/models, i gotta say that is DAMN nice work for the esf team. Keep it up! I can't wait till the new version of ESF!!!!!
  2. S

    Lil Custom thing for ESF

    Welcome to Red Saiyan Shop lol Funny.. Kiblast 5$ each Buy the kiblast Red Aura 150$ Buy this Kewl aura Red Glow around Aura only 54 cents! Buy This is fits well with the Aura lol It do not cost anything.. just fooling around. Go look at the website of Red saiyan and have...
  3. Akira714

    "Red sayjin"

    Well, this is a DMZ skin, BUT.... I was bored so I skined one of the "red sayjins" that Spin has all over his site. Anyways since SPIN moderates on this fourm, and that the DMZ and his fourms are down, this would be the place to post this, also becuase Pcjoe likes to critisise my skinning ;)...
  4. B

    i´m finishing goku, goku ssj1, goahn with orange equipament

    i´m finishing goku, goku ssj1, goahn with orange equipament
  5. S

    Please tell me what you think

    it took me 5 minuts but what do you all think
  6. S

    super kewl idea

    well err how about piccolo and cell can regenerate their health like they do in the show... like gain 20 health every minute or sumthin like that :D w0w i finally registered here D: played this mod from like when krillin was still usefull :D