1. Mr. Satans

    A Kewl Idayah

    Half-Life conversion for Earth's Special Forces. I tried doing this on my own a while back, but my lack of animating skills and what-not resulted in my failure. Anyways, I thought it'd be cool to have the default Half-Life DEATHMATCH models converted & resized for ESF. Like GMan (with his...
  2. Mistery X

    What Future Trunks should really look like!

    Well made this model a while back, got it skinned recently.. check it out OH WAIT COULD IT BE FOR ESF? O_O HAHA no, its not cause it would never fit in with the other models Ah to bad eh? :P If you want to see WAY WAY WAY more visit the Saiyan Crusades forums, join sign up and be...
  3. A

    Want to see something really worth his convention here

    Want to see something really worth his convention here You will press a mouth
  4. S

    ssj3 vegeta released

    heres the download link to my ssj3 vegeta
  5. M

    kewl games inside esf

    My brother and i discovered something cool while playing esf against eachother. Playing catch with the spirit bomb. It goes like this: - Someone charges the Spirit Bomb. - That one throws the Spirit Bomb to someone else - The one who the Spirit Bomb is thrown to catches it...
  6. Loki

    My uh... Pro?

    Im not absolutly sure what a pro is but if this fits the qualifications then its my pro. Not much but I think it looks kewl. Vortex
  7. X

    My Skin Site... Sorta...

    Well incase most of you have not noticed. I have uploaded work from both me and Shijing onto my clan site. At first I was thinking of adding work from members in the clan only but with permission from others I would like to upload their models onto mine.
  8. G

    pic help

    how do u take a pic in the game and where does it go when u do save a pic?
  9. Twysta


    I'm sick of looking through pages of threads to find links to models and/or skins and the links and most of the time broken. and these geocities and angelfire sites are bs. isn't there any professional site that has skins and models for esf? EDIT: And if the answer is no then there needs to...
  10. DaKD

    Startin Over

    Well now that ive begun to use a more powerful modeler (3dsmax) i will be taking down my site and restartin all my models by making better versions
  11. S

    esf_1on1 - Check it out!

    I was taking some time to think of a good map for 1 on 1 Fights, and heres what I got!! Its a nice big Cage Match, for those who wish for the raw bloody sport of fighting. Once you go in, you cant get it... Screen Shot: *EDIT* ESF_1on1...
  12. G


    hi , just started this lille map thingy , its called canyon but its far from finished only did a verry small part .. (like lets say +- 30 minutes ) oh yea that texture from grass / to eh 'sand' has to be moved 1 or 2 i know :)
  13. E

    DBZ sketches

    Greetings once again. I have completed a couple more drawings recently. So I figured I'd let all of you take a look. :D First, here is the greatest evil the universe has ever known, isn't he cute? And here are a couple of young super saiyans for your viewing pleasure. If you're...
  14. L

    Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr

    Here is a pic i drew on paintbrush of Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr from DBGT and was wondering what you guys think of it
  15. N

    Need Models To Skin !

    Does anybody have any marine/soldier futeristic type of model that i can skin ? i really need to work on something. please post it here, or pm me THANX!
  16. M

    Mayb Kewl MayB Not

    I was Wondering if the team plz put a scream sound in the game when u are turning ssj for the first time 2 things that would be kewl 1 when u are going ssj for the first time that you here yourself screaming just like dragonballz episodes 2 at the end when u are ssj u get an aura...
  17. D

    Check in station W.I.P

    im (very slowly) working on a map for esf, its of the check in station, where you go when you die here is my refence photo: im still a noob to mapping so dont expect anything fancy, im thinking of making it scaled down because i think the...
  18. S

    Where i find .....?

    Where i find new texturen so where ic can download new texturen
  19. L

    zero's goku skin

    Any seen the skin/model of goku in zero's dev journal? Is it me or is that one good looking goku skin/model? Nothing against pcjoe's but i think that was is a lot more like goku. What do you think. Sorry if this is a repost, i haven't been around for a while. :p
  20. DJ-Ready

    Is out there o kewl Neon Genesis mod or game like ESF!?

    if someone knews one, post the name or the url of the site here, plz!!! Cuz i love NGE!