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    This is about Judge

    I feel that i must inform you the Judge does not make Sigs. Kaioshin and Spin do, BUT NOT JUDGE!!!!! SO leave him alone. I thought id help after our mix up bro.
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    Judge or Spin

    If its not too much to ask, could i get a Sig off ya. I suposse random saiyans or something but a Radiation symbol somewhere on it Highy Visable on it iwth just Arthos. I would really REALLY appreciate this. For a Model of the Radiation symbol look at my current sig picture. Abnd could you use...
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    Hey Judge Or Spin

    Can u plz make me a sig pixels 600 250 if u plz make it i would be so greatfull tanksif u do jus show it on ur post when u reply to me tanks here the url to the pics http://dbz.dragonball.gamigo.de/dbcity/cgi-bin/f/imageFolio.cgi?direct=Dragonball%20Z/Characters/Janemba
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    New map idea

    Here's a new map idea, the place where The tree of Might happened.
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    got art?

    jee this forum is so empty D: first post