1. Mkilbride

    Judge who beat daughter over downloading music gets his job back.

  2. M

    Judge Says Jack Thompson Guilty Of Misconduct During GTA, Bully Trials

    Source: http://kotaku.com/5010087/judge-says-jack-thompson-guilty-of-misconduct-during-gta-bully-trials
  3. Dzamija

    Can you really judge people based on arguments with them?

    Now, as most of you probably know, I have a tendency to get into many political, philosophical arguments and many others, someimtes to the extent of mutual flaming between me and the ones I'm confronting in the argument. But what I've learned is that, no matter how wrong that person you think is...
  4. Deman

    Judge's "shower with 19 men"-day

    Apparently last night on MIRC Judge let us all know that he planned on showering with 19 men today. So happy 19 man shower day Judge! (This is a birthday thread fools!)
  5. J

    New Judge Sig Rawr

    how do you guys like my new sig? c&c please, orion made it.
  6. G

    Happy Birthday, Judge

    Why didnt anybody els see this? :\ Happy Bday man. Hope your luck on love changes this year :smile:
  7. S

    hey ppl judge my work please

    hey, can everyone tell me if u can see my current online avatar and sig, they are my first gos at doing an avatar and a signature image so if so what u think of them, u can chec,k my work out on www.freewebs.com/esfmovieswilly/index.htm Any critz is good so plz go ahead and criticise. if...
  8. J

    Judge's Day off (with friends)

    hehe was close to being pissed, and made these nice foto's in a shop :) enjoy ^^ thats my normal me when I didnt have too much beer ;) ^^ thats me, dont ask ;) ^^ friend of mine :) ^^ me fixing the plants ^^ my friend...in the plant ^^ nuff said ;)...
  9. J

    Samurai Sig by Judge

    <img src="http://members.lycos.nl/aquintas/samurai.jpg" border="1"> was a bit inspired by 1m4's sig (though I think he did a nicer job than me :)). didnt really like how it came out, I guess its not bad. but it's not how I saw it in my head. crits/comments
  10. D

    Need a host (renamed by Judge)

    Haha, got your attention. Anyway, I need a host. I'm currently have a free account on www.hostultra.com but people say that I have WAY too many ads. If anybody can please give me a subdomain on their site, and can add my domain to the cPanel, then please reply. And yes, I have a domain. It's...
  11. L

    how to model

    i dont know how to make model/skin plz help
  12. Wangster

    first wp with a lil 2D ...

    hey, i made a wp, its been a long time, so please dont butch me if its ugly... i think it looks cool, the pic fits really well, thats my opinion, what do you all think? ps: the image has no stroke....aldough it loosk like it @ some parts. looks better when used as wp in xp.
  13. J

    Judge in the mix!

    hey, I made my own little mix, containing 4 songs. its not perfect but the beats do match, just need to find the right places to mix through. but this is just a small thing I made. http://members.lycos.nl/aquintas/Mixage.mp3 enjoy :) and give me crits. *EDIT* 1st mix is around...
  14. VivaLaPineapple

    iidx take 2

    yeah comments and critz plz. pure photoshop, and yes it is simple but judge on overal look http://www.deviantart.com/view/2423844
  15. Devion


    <img src="http://members.lycos.nl/mysticdevion/Plaatje.jpg"> Well I posted this pic cause the guy himself can`t.(My dad works at a prison for kids(sorry can`t think of a better word, I`m not english)) I promised to upload it to the internet and show it to people. I can`t say his name...
  16. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Should i release it?

    Well i have spend some time working on my latest gohan Heres a couple of pics for you : Credit to AZN Dragon Red suit adult gohan pack- And his top viev - Tell me what you think , and tell me should i release it ? Because to some people i show , they say its crap :cry:
  17. N

    Red Mystic Gohan

    Well here is a Red Mytsic Gohan model that i have gotten fomr Epedmic Optikz made by azn http://www.geocities.com/sentinel_rage_316/temporarypreviewfile.html?1050551132390
  18. Z

    good modlers surch

    are there anny good modlers with spare time ?
  19. K

    Hey Naz....

    I tried my luck at a Pro with PSP 7...it turned out no where NEAR as good as yours. Here it is... Any tips?? Is thyere anyway to make them better in PSP 7 if ur on a tight budget and can't afford photoshop OR 3dSmAX
  20. J

    Fallen Angel (Judge's first Pro)

    k I had this idea thanks to Nazghul, he started out with the "pro" things, and I liked the style etc. so I tried something out, so basically I wanted to have a logo long time ago, couldnt be arsed to make one, but after naz had one. I thought "lets give it a go then" ;). 2nd I didnt use 3dsmax...