1. ReCkOninG of FirE

    Trunks without jacket, long hair, maybe release for ESF??

    O.0 Damn i wipped this up in 3 hours, i had a lot of proportion errors and everyone on msn helped me, but cruzharo gave me godsend refs :D thx alot buddy he helps me heaps, now this actually looks half decent This is a wip and isnt finished, im planning to do normal version of hair and redo...
  2. K

    Vegita ssj4

    um does anyone know were i can find a vegeta pack that includes dragonballgt vegeta with jacket and ssj4 vegeta
  3. Z

    Trunks Reskin .

    :o Any critts :o
  4. SSJ 4 Vegito

    SSJ 4 Vegito

    please somebody make a GT Trunks model like in Dragonball GT in jacket transforms in to ssj trunks without jacket
  5. Jimesu_Evil

    GT Vegeta (with a jacket)

    I made this edit a while back and with all the new GT Vegetas with just his red singlet, I thought it might be time to release this one. Take a look: I need permission from Xtortionist, Turk and AzN before I release it. Credits go to: -Turk (Harsens) for Vegeta model -Xtortionist...
  6. H

    New long hair Trunks!

    Heh it's me again :p well this is not a big edit, I was bored and remembered ESF doesn't have a trunks like this. CREDITS!! Logan - The awesome Trunks skin ESF Team - Trunks model Hentai Sama - Trunks long hair and SSJ hair, and sword belt thing..and the non-SSJ pupils :) Updates...
  7. D


    The new green saiyan! Aka Kakoran: Credits Me, Ice Man, and .slim//, AzN, and Bryggz
  8. §lipKnot

    New Trunk Tell Me What U Think

    I Reskined a trunks model from the esf team and i wann know what u think http://www.geocities.com/jim_man68/ESF_TRUNKS and yes it is done........ it has been done for about 2 nights my bad its the bottom one......... band with is killing it i took some things off i hope it will stay open when...
  9. A

    Bojack Trunks WIP

    I making my second model, bojack trunks. Its gonna be "mostly" poly by poly. Heres a pic of his shirt, I still need to model the jacket. Ill show a pic of the face in a second. I need critz. I might get it ingame if I can.. (yea right.. me? assign? pff..) EDIT*
  10. T


  11. Ultra33Gokussj3

    GT Vegeta for lord killmore

    I am making this tread For LORD KILLMORE He has requested for me a GT VEGETA with a jacket Credit to Turk - Vegeta (body) Vassago - frieza (chrome) Sin Goku - Hair So here it is: Hope you like it
  12. A

    MY Goku before cell games..

    CREDITS: ESF Team, Irregular Hunter, SMO Thanks to Pr0 for the render :) *caugh* my idea was copied *caugh*:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  13. HellBringer.


    ok here is the BODY of the TRUNKS I M MAKING. ITS NO SKINNED YET.
  14. Bryggz

    new jacket for gotenks, like better?

    hey guys i made a new jacket for my gotenks pack cause the old one kept haunting me, tell me what u think and remember, give me help on how to make it better, dont just say it is bad (if u think so) cause i honestly think this one either #1 is or #2 could be better new one and...
  15. ssj999vegeta

    can u make a model for me?

    i need a model done for me (im still learning how 2 model myslef) bcause apparently theres no model iuts mentioned in one of my posts http://forum.esforces.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=20259 there pm me if u wanna try n make it( if u pm me i will tell u what i want it to look like)
  16. Es_Trunks2

    MY SSJ4 Goku reskin

    well,there have been alotta ssj4 gokus released lately and frankly,i dont like any of them :rolleyes: so i made my own,Creds go to logan,and fatmanterror,for their gogeta model(s),and i'm not gonna release this until i get some1 to get rid of the vest on him,milkshape wont let me for some reason...
  17. Bryggz

    MY version of gotenks/ssj/ssj3

    hey guys i guess this is my final build for gotenks model/ssj/ssj3, all i need is to have it skinned, but before i hark for metro-tek (he said he'd do it before, cool eh?) ill take any last remarks/crude comments/constructive criticism to make it better, thx click here for updated pic...
  18. -Dark Shadow-

    SSJ3 Gohan: RELEASE!

    This is my first model edit :) pictures first: Now to download http://www.geocities.com/spectredemons2/ssj3gohan.zip (copy and paste url) Credit to s-bolt-- for his ssj2 gohan model Credit to bryggz for his ssj3 hair! Enjoy :)
  19. B


    THIS IS A PICTURE OF TRUNKS IN SUPER SAIYAN FORM http://www.angelfire.com/droid/jk1/b.jpg THIS IS A PICTURE OF TRUNKS IN BASIC FORM http://www.angelfire.com/droid/jk1/a.jpg THIS IS A PICTURE OF VEGETA AND TRUNKS SHOWING HOW TALL THEY ARE http://www.angelfire.com/droid/jk1/D.jpg
  20. B

    trunk, capsule corp jacket, short hair

    i´m making the model of trunk with capsule corp jacket and short hair. i´m waitin to the next version of esf because in this version you can use the sword