1. sub

    My third map, featuring islands!

    First, please keep in mind that this is my third map, and my first two weren't very good. Moving right along, I spent the past two days or so working on this. It doesn't have a name yet and I'm not sure if I'll release it. With water Without Water Still need to add cliffs to the...
  2. Grega

    Animation Sampler & Namek Islands Update

    ESF Proudly presents There are 35+ player models in ESF. Each model requires 200+ animations to bring the character to life. 35 x 200 = ... I'll let you do the math. Needless to say, Darktooth has single handedly made sure that all of the characters in ESF recieve the proper love and attention...
  3. |Overlord|

    Cell Islands Map Request

    Would anyone want to do a map based on the islands of where cell was hunting for android 18 ?? oh , and if a team meber decides to do this map , refrain from copyying esf_roshi_islands (or whatever the hell it was called) Lotas of water And some big islands with some good hideouts and so on...
  4. M

    esf Islands crash

    Ok I got a weird problem... For some reason whenever I join a game thats playing the map esf Islands or the server switches to that map, my sound freezes and HL crashes to windows where I'm forced to restart or listen to the ever repeating last second of sound forever. Now dont tell me to...