1. Cap J

    Mildly Irritating Problem

    Oh ye of greater knowledge, I kind of need help. Occasionally whilst using a program (most often happens with MS Word 2k3 but sometimes happens whilst playing a game) my display will go blank for a couple of seconds and then reappear but anything that requires more use of my graphics card...
  2. D

    He lacks little!!! (irritating problem)

    Hi Friends, do I need a small help, when do I put mine Cd-Key of Half-Life in Steam he carries a little but later it does reject him/it, what do I make? is it necessary to have Half-Life? What version of Half-Life? And if he/she needs of same Half-Life, later the one what I make? :( If...
  3. Punio4

    Irritating things in ESF

    i'm going to be as short as possible: 1. when characters walk, their feet don't move along the ground, so they look like they're sliding. 2. terrain textures are heavy lo-res, (best seen in the walljump movie), so you always thing that ground is a bit further. 3. why doesn't freeza let go of the...
  4. M

    Kid Buu

    weeeeee so far
  5. Hiro

    The most irritating bug ever

    Its probably been said already but I dont care...I playing my brother over the lan, I was royaly whooping his @$$. I had just gotten my pl over 5 million (my pl was roughly 5.29) I noticed I was low on hp so I killed myself with a Kamehameha (since my consol wont open) When I respawned my PL...