1. Deman

    iPod vs mp3 player

    My girlfriend's been thinking of purchasing one and is having a hard time deciding. I know very little about either because I don't mind stuffing my portable CD Player into my pocket. Anyways, what's the deal with both? I assume that iPods require iTunes while MP3 Players wouldn't require...
  2. C

    New Ipod or Zen ?

    Well, I'm gonna buy a new Mp3 player, but I'm not sure which one I want. It comes down to either a new 30 Gb Ipod video 30 or a new Zen Vision M 30 gb Video. I've heard good things from both, and that the Zen Vision M is better in a lot of cases, but I'm looking for user preferences. If you own...
  3. S

    Ipod's, wear and tear?

    I've just ordered an ipod nano due to my mp3 player's play button breaking =/ so i was wondering how durable they are, is it a good idea to get a case right away? I used my mp3 player all the time, and it was always in my pocket and now its completely mashed. I was also wondering what AV...
  4. Pieter Paul Rubens

    Windows media Player screws up your iPod?

    Well, I got this iPod Video 60GB (had it since belgian release), always worked fine on windows with iTunes etc.. Up untill today :/ I was checking a song with Windows Media Player when it hit me that I still had some important stuff on my iPod, so I plug this baby in and all of the sudden WMP...
  5. Suh Dude

    iPod Shuffle ftw..

    I love my iPod Shuffle... now I need a case with it without spending 30 bucks on a case that breaks easily. Does anyone have any recommendations of a case? Everytime I hold my Shuffle it gets finger prints and I hate that. So?
  6. ~*Logan*~

    Question for you iPod users

    My sister is asking for an iPod. However, she thinks she's able to use it to take music she has on her computer already (not on CDs. Downloaded MP3s and such) and import them into the iPod. I never used an iPod before and all the research I have is you can import music from CDs to it. I wanna...
  7. M

    Ipod Video

    Is there a software download that can turn my 20g Ipod photo into a video or would i actually have to go buy the new one?
  8. Chakra-X

    IPod Mini Battery Trouble

    Around a couple of months a go, my Ipod Mini's battery life suddenly dropped. After fully charged, after the battery icon reached 3/4 it's charge, it would say "no batte power remains. Please connect IPod to a charger" or something like that, and the low battery icon came up. Mini IPods...
  9. Tsunami

    Ipod Vending Machines

    yes, i posted correctly, iPod vending machines. dont believe me? check it out here: Source
  10. M

    Should I buy an Ipod?

    Hey, I'm not sure if i should buy an Ipod, are they worth it? I've heard a lot of good things. Could you guys give me your opinion and maybe some suggestions if I were to buy one?