1. Slofreak

    skill involved into PS

    Esf is very skill based gameplay with all its angle hits, free falls, teleport hits, jumps, chain hits, confusing your enemy and many other skills. Why there wasnt any skill involved into [Power Struggle]. At the moment the higher PL you got the stronger your beam is. I was thinking for this...
  2. D

    Need some modelling help ( md3 ) for some project i'm involved in

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if it is possible to rescale a model while it's already animated and rigged. When we put it ingame he seemed to be a giant as you can see on the screenshot. I'd appreciate some tips :) Uploaded with (dont mind the eyes and jaw btw)
  3. Barney's_Soul

    The math involved with ESF?

    What kind of acronyms are used to determine damage from melee....supposing a guy with 1.5 mil power hits a guy with 55000 power, how is the damage levels determined? And how does turbo affect how you both deal and receive less damage? And what kind of equations are used to determine beam...
  4. S


    what programs would you modelers out there recomend for a begginer.i want to make high quality models if i get good enuff.also how much math is involved in modeling cuzz.. umm..errr ya ok if you can supply a link to were to get a good program it would be greatly apreciated thnx from pee...
  5. Naz

    Indy Art by me

    - be sure to check the bottem of the page for an update!!!! - listening to evanescensce - bring me to life Some indy art by me... I'm actually still working on this! It's v1. It might not be..... very good, I don't know, I'm proud of it :), the way it's made is totally different...
  6. X

    Would EVERYONE involved in ESF read me please!

    i would like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart. i never thought much of DBZ till i played THIS mod, now i am eager to watch the shows and learn more. Thank you my friends, thank you :)
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