1. SS4 Gogeta

    invisibility cloak

    How can I pre-order one of these? or maybe become a beta tester :)
  2. M

    Invisibility Cloak

  3. Pain

    Memory failure and Donut invisibility

    no idea what caused that just popped up in the middle of my game as for the donut thing: I was playing as buu, I candy beamed someone as he was swooping into me and the candy menu popped up. He began to prepunch me as i turned him into a donut. The donut appeared but I was...
  4. X

    Invisibility on Textures Question

    DragonDude and Satan made some texures that need to be invisible. They changed the background to the blue (I think) but when I change the settings (Solid, 255) it doesn't show up invisible on Half-Life although it does in ESF, is there a reason why?