1. T

    In case anyone interested...

    Im currently working on a ssj3 animation ;) I'll try to post a movie soon, butta im also starting to work on an ssj2 (yes really). Im mainly gonna modify the aura, like add model lightning and some hair fixes no more no less. So that's it my journal starts here past any comments if u like...
  2. Twilight

    Lookin For Artists

    Hey everyone I am looking for some artists good at drawing either freehand or on the PC Workin on a fanfic and I need some artists to develop some concept artwork and possibly many final ones If you are good with PC artwork, you need to be able to make a character with either color or...
  3. TimTheEnchantor

    Willing to do a collab work with someone..

    Is anyone interested? I'll make a image, and extend it, making it say, like a mural. Everyone has their own section about 200-400 px wide..and with 3-5 artists, we make one huge collaborative art-piece. Anyone interested?
  4. R

    If Your Interested

    Ok I am here to let you in on a DBZ RPG that has been made, it will be lots of fun, and were looking for more people. At this site you can create a character give him a background, even create a race for that character and have some fun with it, and come check it out sign up and join us so we...
  5. X

    When its done, I will release, But tell me if your interested anyway!

    Hey guys. I been trying to collect a whole mess of DBZ Theme songs, not just character theme songs, But Battle Themes and Back Ground Music from the american version, Cause I love Bruce Faulconer's dbz themes. I will create a pack on it soon but so far I only got: History of Trunks -...
  6. B

    OCEAN sound pack if anyone is interested...

    If your like me, and sick of the UAH.....UAH GAH..YA Throat cancer of a patient that is Chris Sabat's attempted voice as Vegeta OR the Japanese voices aren't for you then I am in the works of making an OCEAN cast dbz sound pack, i.e the canadian version/europe version. Currently I have...
  7. TimTheEnchantor

    Letter to Thy Love graphic..

    New graphic called Letter to Thy Love, I was listening to some really good music by Waiting for Autumn, and was quite awed at the lyrics, so I made something to a similiar effect...enjoy
  8. A

    all Modelers

    im a skinner and i need a model so i can skin if any modelers are interested PM me or email me the model my email is [email protected]
  9. Logan4434

    Perfect cell

    I have a perfect cell model skinned and all but my ms3d expired and need someones help to add a skeliton dont worry i got the animations part i need help PLEASE!!!! note*this isnt a model i made its an old model that was good but needed a new skin i just need help converting it
  10. S

    I would like to hire a modeler

    Hello I need a modeler that is willing to help me and my team make a Trigun, Outlaw star, and Cowboy bebop mod. I am the sound artist and I am the founder. If you would like to help my me at [email protected] or AIM me at First Captain 05 Thanks You so much and have a great day.
  11. S

    Map backgrounds

    I was just curious as to if I could create some future backgrounds used for the various maps. It just seems like most backgrounds for most maps are pretty boring or just flat out terrible, well, to me anyhow. So, should I show an example to convince you? Or is anyone interested in backgrounds...
  12. DJ-Ready

    New map for the beta finished ^^

    Ok, ive just finished s2k_greattournament for the beta ... it was made in a kind of contest .. my an a friend betted that i can do a good map in 7 hours (+ compile time) ... and .. i think its good ^^ check it out on in the downloads section ^^
  13. VivaLaPineapple

    check it out

    im trying to get into a graphics art school so im putting together a profolio. what do u think of this to show case my works? yes i know the wires could use some work and yes i had to use a tut for that but i think it turned out nice. comments and suggestions plz. those empty black spaces will...
  14. E

    modeling shhh

    how much would i have to payu esf guys to teach me how to use milkshape 3d :P *dont move to mdeling section lmao*
  15. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    My 1st scanned...2 , thread for jennyKitty

    I dunno if Jenny_Kitty wanted to post anything else on her topic , but cause of me and 2 other guys , Jenny_Kitty´s thread was closed , so here she has her topic again , hope there will no flaming be in this thread again!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. thor

    Red Bigbang Attack

    You can download it from my site in the beams section.
  17. xstortionist membes...I have some stuff for your site.

    I have some old DBZ model that I made a really long time ago, and I thought that you may like to use them on your site...If you are interested please contact me at: AIM: xstortionkorn
  18. S

    Metro-Tek Bebi Vegeta

    Dude your post got deleted... Where is it,, did you finished the model?
  19. Mirai USSJ

    To All Interested In making A Mod

    Heres A Couple Of Suggestions For People Interested In Mod Making Why Not Make A boxing mod (mike tyson hahaha) dragonball racing where u can do kamehameha's out of your window while racing lol underwater mod where alot of stuff involves water (eg waterwars mod) just some examples...
  20. R

    chibi trunks alpha

    heya, new model..chibi trunks alpha and render sux but i dont care it is a alpha need to make torso and i didn't tweaked anything well here it is