1. MaX

    Bug ingame

    when u get swoop kicked and u go luching across map if u on ground. u can press fly buton and u are like stuck in the animation of the one u were flyin across map. and it makes it so you hardly move its likewhen u idle in flying mode u slowly move up. hope it gets fixed cause some people i swoop...
  2. P

    Ingame Crashing Problems

    If your running in software mode the game will crash. The Swoop, Spirit bomb, and the transformation FX will probably kill you within the first minute of the game. One thing you can try is setting "cl_fxquality" to 0. This will disable all of the new particle gfx exept power up( which doesnt...
  3. Cold Steel

    vegeta's head

    would anyone agree with me if i would say vegeta's esf beta model head is a litlle flatten at the back of his head.This doesn't look pretty you know.
  4. Loki


    I hate to rant but players these days are quite dishonerable they cheat and team up(not team mode:p ) Someone outta take these people and slap em silly.
  5. Majin Saiyajin

    New Vegeta Model

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed... but there is one little thing that could be fixed on the vegeta model for the new beta version of esf. :rolleyes: The crack between vegeta's legs go up past the shading of his crotch. It sort of makes him look like a chick ;) :p In addition, 'even...
  6. S

    The esf vegeta model

    correct if iam wrong but the new vegeta model has a mistake. ass you can see on this pic the neck is coverd with he suite but on this dbz pic it clearly open. it is only telling you guyz you are doing a good job and i think the models and skins are great. but i heard that...
  7. FreeDoM

    Ingame Pic

    I was Bored.
  8. Kama

    New ESF Kami Lookout Ok well anyways, firstly these are from the new ESF map, it isn't my work so don't think that. So I was wondering, in the first pic, is the level actually that far from the...
  9. ultrassj_vegeta


    hmmm the new model is nice... but for some reason he looks disproportionate... or sumfins...
  10. J

    Stuffed up skins

    whats goin on with my skins. I can see through them and they dont look very good. Please Help Also can anyone tell me where to find a new crosshair for esf
  11. S

    ingame shots

    i was just wondering if there were going to be any ingame shots of the new version while it is being worked on the eyecandy that we have gotten lately is good but there isnt much eye candy or info coming theses days im not trying to be annoying im just asking a simple questions so please...
  12. Guerilla

    eS_City << for the es mod

    heres a pic of my map so far in WORLDCRAFT, NOT ingame! tell me what you guys think