1. Cap J

    Corrupt a Wish - The Inevitable Return

    Most people are probably know the drill, especially the old members. If you don't here's how it goes: Step 1) Someone makes a wish. Step 2) The next poster grants the wish but makes the outcome bad. Step 3) That person then makes thier own wish. Crappy example: Poster 1: I wish I had...
  2. sub

    War with Mexico inevitable

    Mexico just discovered 3.8 times its present known oil reserves and half that of the Saudis. Invasion is inevitable
  3. J

    the inevitable return of the great white H4X!!

    once again its time for me to pick up the ax and h4x some tunes. im taking requests, and from your requests ill put together a medley of about 5 t00nes so request away =]
  4. Ravendust

    The inevitable Half-Life 2 Thread

    Here it is, the game we've all been waiting for. Except those without PC's and/or Half-Life haters. I'm getting the collectors edition (not as good as Gold but more stuff than Silver) tomorrow morning, what edition are you/have you guys getting/got? 3 years of development, 6 delays, 1 year...
  5. Escobar

    E N E V I D A B L E

    i made this a while ago, and its kinda a 'warm-up' for the my next space indy which i will work extremely hard to... this piece howeva i got REALLY LAZY with it towards the end but it turned out ok, as i sed juz a warm up btw: completely in ps