1. Kaination

    Just got a second monitor, any way to hook up individual speakers to it?

    So I just found a DVI --> HDMI cable that works perfectly, so now my 32" tv is now a secondary monitor. I'm wondering, is there any way to hook up individual speakers to where it can detect whatever is on the second monitor, be played through speakers. kind of like an if-then statement...
  2. webber

    Individual Models

    Wouldn't be cool if there where individual models, i mean like clan's (for example) having their own characters to fight with. Also the models should be deleted automaticaly after a player disconnects, so now one could use the models besides the clan that has them.
  3. DaKD

    Inuyasha WIP

    I decided to divulge my talents in another anime hehe Crits please Updated pic below
  4. S

    Mapping problem

    I believe this has something to do with the hull file (considering thats what the error says). Anyways, let me explain the problem. Basically when I compile my map, I get a hull error, and when you join the map, its like everywhere is water. When I look up, the entire sky is one big leak, but...
  5. A

    Ssjgohan2 Help

    I create ssj2gohan an its ok i can export this model but when i try to compile the qc milkshape always say unknown attachment link 'Bip01 R Finger11' Help Help Help
  6. S

    filefront individual downloads

    It looks like in 2 weeks filefront will have the ability where any individual could upload a file. This would be great for a mod release because unlike other website, since filefront `kinda works on p2p the more people that download the game, the faster ur download is. It would be great for a...
  7. Ryoko

    Red Dress Ryoko

    With a microphone! Critisms and maybe some comments please!
  8. H

    i need help

    ok im used to modeling the MS3d way... adding the verticies... and connecting them to create the faces and walla the model. when my demo of it ran out i dld GMAX... is there NEWAY i can do what i did in MS3d in GMAX cuz i dont feel like learning another proggie and i dont really wanna spend 20...