1. Zero12

    How do i go majin in big pack 8.4v

    Well like the title says how in the name of hell do i go majin in big pack seriously its impossible i use pl changer put it to 70mli i damage my self til 10hp (emo move there)and no button or icon of some sort and i tried transforming and nothing so can someone help me.
  2. V

    Impossible to play ESF online - help plz

    Hi I'm justed registered and i need help :cry: I've installed ESF V 1.2.3 and all worked fine. I run ESF and all works properly. But when I want to play multiplayer (internet) and I click on 'internet' there pops up an error message saying: the installation has an error an I have to...
  3. Enix

    I did the impossible

    I friggin' fixed my ps2....omgawd. It has been sitting under my bed for over 3 months or so now, and I decided to get it out for one last spin and with the help a repair tut online, I had it up and running in about 10 mins. I know with the ps3 coming out and all and its not such a big deal...
  4. KidMan

    Combo Idea *Improving the impossible*

    So we all know how combo's work. you input the correct amount of arrows in advanced melee and once its all done then you perform the combo's. My improvement- Now we all know that the opponent can block almost if not all the arrows and the combo can still go through. This is very unfair...
  5. T

    Impossible to install

    I tried installing this, but when it asks where to put the install button is permenantly shaded over and I can't click on it no matter where I try to put it. And when I click the browse button no matter what I click on the OK button does the same thing! What the ****?
  6. Cap J

    I know it's impossible but....i had a decent BodyChange idea....

    I have no idea if this has been suggested already buuuut what the hell :) For Ginyus body change attack you could have it so that they swap bodies BUT it is only for a few seconds, where both players are unable to move and are unable to be killed or injured by other people, and while they are...
  7. V

    Impossible to customize?!

    O_O :cry: i downloaded the patch...and installed, esf too, and the option "custom" doesn´t appear. What happend? D I have to change HL quick lunck, which is in the deskshop or desk? Sorry for my english! Plz, replay me as soon as possible!! Thanks!!!
  8. Nuttzy

    you cannot make a 3d model look 2d its IMPOSSIBLE

    well, though he may look pretty in this picture (turks vegeta) in hlmv and ingame the lighting comes nto play and it loses its, oomph, i did this as an expirement, if i could make it look lik ethis ingame with no lighting at all i may do more skins like this, but you cant, so, :P i...
  9. T


    I was browsing around in the archives and I found this pic shown below. I was wondering..."How the f*** did he do that!?". Now I am wondering if this is possible. If so, could someone please tell me?! -Toenail
  10. G

    My new map esf_highwayplanes

    Hey made new map plz comment it , ill just post some screens for now oh yea max r_speeds i noted were 650 or...
  11. B

    ... hope ...

    Reaching out for the impossible... as long as there is hope, everything is possible greetz
  12. G

    The Impossible Is Possible!?

    O_O Ya bow to me BOW TO ME! lol they will not be released there just for you to admire my two little friends here :fight:
  13. Wangster

    ESFarena released.

    well, i made my first map, its big, so coulnd get desent screenshots. but anywhays, i have 2 screens made, but they r ugly, here they are. well, if youre intersted, here is the map, it contains...
  14. X

    My very first 5 drawings.. ever..

    Well one is without watching on a picture.. Guess witch one? Size: 1/4 of A4 Size: 1/3 of A4 Size 1/4 of A4 Pictures with Head and Body part: Size: 1 A4 SIze: 1/2 of A4 SORRY FOR THE LOW QUALITY... ITS WEBCAM SHOTS! Remember my first 5...
  15. PiXel

    i`ve got an new idea

    so u all know the map rats i think better when many people make some maps in rats maybe rats namek or rats planet vegeta and some mor e or rats usa or germany and so what are u thinks about about this idea please crritits and i can`t maping so please mappers anwered fatser:) :yes: :yes: :yes:
  16. ]\/[ITCHELL


    i have a qustion about beta 1.2 since there is a new teleport does this mean that you cant use other models like goku GT??? i mean that if you play with goku GT and you teleport do you see the original goku or really goku GT????
  17. S

    Powered up piccolo, big dissapointment

    I like playing piccolo and i think that he needs a new model or clothes or something when he gets all powered up. Maybe a new , better move like super beam cannon,.
  18. AscensionX

    SSJ2 Aura - Get it here.

    The Aura does work with 1.1, for those of you who don't know what i am talking about, you MUST DOWNLOAD THIS FILE!!! Get it off my Friend Hawki_ice's site. ( Heres the Aura. <TABLE...
  19. G

    Nc clan come here

    Hello, now i tried to map and its realy hard for a person as my self lol and so im asking u this. no i seen u all like to do weird and unreal maps while heres one for thought a mirror map nothing but mirrors cause u wouldn't be able to tell anything apart like someone can be so far and...
  20. S


    god it so hard ive been to over like 50 sites reading turtials but it still wont fricken help me arrrgh its impossible heres a pic off what i can doPic Here