1. S

    BUG immortal ?

    Hello guys ! Today i found a "new ?" bug, i had 90 hp ( i played with goku ) i made some spirit bombs big and small. the other player couldnt damage me with beams like kame hame ha, final flash, death ball , spirit bomb etc, i ever had 90 hp . until someone hit me . than it was over. greetz...
  2. 009

    Frizar Immortal

    Later this day me and some friends played esf... I was frizar there were 2 other one was vegeta antoher krillin we had peace... my and vegeta stod beside etch other.. the krillin throws disc at us.. i was trans'ing, it killed vegeta but fly through me... (i didnt died) Then i made a disc...
  3. _Raptor_

    Immortal after melee

    When I play witch my friend 1vs1 on his server (1.2.1) i was immortal for a while. I was A Freeza and He was Goku, he attack me witch melee four or five times and my LP drops to 22... then when he want me attack with kamehameha or diffrent energy attack, my life points did't drop... I have been...
  4. J fox

    fav mortal or immortal race

    the human race sucks in the pc world thay can be called tarrans for there cappabillaty to live enywhere eny way this post is about what mortal or immortal race u like in eny game or video etc hmmm i think mine is a khajiit
  5. Flying Dutchman

    immortal when transforming

    getting transkilled gets VERY annoying after a few times, please vote, you wanna be god during transforming or not
  6. Skyrider

    Temp immortal.

    Well, it would be nice if you have temp Immortality when you are finished with someone with melee.. I see lots of peeps WAITING for you 2 be done with someone else (example when you trowed someone away) , and then quickly FIRES a beam 2 you .. With comes up death or some damage. I know...
  7. B0Bmaster40000

    Immortal - Coming soon!

    <center> More than what it appears to be, this arena is not for the faint-hearted -- or the tamer computers. The size will push the limits of Hammer. The detail will challenge your 3D card. The game-play will put your l33tness to the test. B0B_Immortal Coming soon! Can you handle...
  8. I

    Immortal Saiyans Sig Thread

    Well here it is ladies and gentlemen, My new sig (Made by me of course :)) Well let me hear what yall have to say about my sig. P.S. Ill post sigs that i make as they come, So keep checking for hopefully new and better sigs. :p
  9. F

    hey guys

    dont know if this is on the topic but should be. im making a new ut2003 mod that has all the goals set, but just needs the people ..... (from modelers to coders) go here and talk on the boards with us, or me .... depends on who signs up :) .. thx Click Here