1. I

    finalflashtrail.spr cant extract whit sprite wizard

    i whont extract spr files
  2. Freezer 75%

    Frezia Final

  3. M

    need link model please!!!

    i need so much a link model i have nice models vegetto ssj 3 and spawn or goku ussj5 for you [email protected]:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  4. Lethal_Vegetto

    About the Glowing Letters Trick

    What colors are there. I dont know the colors that can be used with it, and i would really like to know the sollection of colors there are for the glow text. Thx:]
  5. SpriGGan

    SSJ4 GOku

    hey anyone know for a website with a ssj4 goku or n e noe kind enough to donate me there ssj4 goku i dont mean to bug n e of you if you dont want to help its ok but any help would be greately aprciated thanks in advance guys
  6. B

    sorry to post again but ...

    dark slayer where is my pic? ok i sent dark slayer amy model (ok i canged the real esf model so thanks to the esf team) and im still waiting for a pic so come on if you dont know i tried to do a injurd vegeta (after goku threwing the genki deme at him)
  7. C

    SUper Gohan

    Can somone edit a ssj2 gohan model so that his left arm is broken with blood and hes battle damaged...and his kamehameha is done with one hand. PLease this would be mucho appreciated!
  8. Y

    Buzz Lightyear?

    Hello to everybody! I had an idea, which pleases me and I shall like subjecting it, what would tell you to do Buzz Lightyear????????
  9. W

    reqwest for ssj goku new hair for beta 1.1 plz!

    plz some1 cen make me new hair guko? for beta 1.1? or relase something?!:cry: :talk:
  10. M

    ssj4 goku

    does any one have ssj 4 goku because i checked redsayain and it hardly moves its crap
  11. P

    Need a model!!

    Can some one make a Model of C18 in this cloth http://dbz.dragon-baby.org/dbz/android18.html i know it are a bad pic but it was the best i can find
  12. Nuttzy

    image hosting

    i see this becoming an issue, and several people assume that the person posted the image wrong, that is far from the case, the mods may deem this off topic but i think its something that anyone here without an image host could use since the mods claim now that an image is required...
  13. S

    i reskined a gohan and need help

    hey i need help i cant get my modle will not go to mdl and i dont know how to and it allso give me this no script file can some one help me pls
  14. R


    hiho, can someone tell me where i can download models for esf thank you very mutch byebyeo_o
  15. P

    weird icky strange...kind of landscape

    oy i kinda got messy while creating something....... well see it as whatevery ou want to see it its a landscape to me like usual if the pic dont work copy and paste this link in ur url bar thingie http://preddie46.tripod.com/cgi-bin/sky
  16. M

    New Model Packs !!!!!

    Hey i have made a few pack all of the models are not created by me but i assembled the models in 4 big Packs GT Goku Pack includes: Normal GT Goku -Credit to original Creator of Goku -Edited by Snake-D Super Saiyan 4 Goku -Credit to original Creator of Goku -Edited by Brollman Credit...
  17. Mystacx

    Announcement: Ultimate Gohan pack

    Lady's and Gentlemen, i am proud to announce the coming of a ULTIMATE GOHAN PACK this pack will tweak you esf into a heaven for gohan/ssj2gohan fans it will contain: *normal gohan *ssj gohan *normal gohan goku clothes *ssj gohan goku clothes *ssj2 gohan normal clothes *ssj2 gohan...
  18. S


    well.i was bored, and i like green now... i still like red but eh.. green looks nice.. dunno why.
  19. S

    vegeta gt

    does anyone have vegeta in his dbgt clothes. thanx in advance
  20. S


    Can somebody make a Oozaru and a Golden Oozaru????????