1. G

    here some questions......

    where can i download the gotenks mod? is there some way that i can download new "weapons"? is there some way to do that i could transforn more than one time? is there some way i could put new charecters without replacing the old ones? when does the next version of ESF coming out? and what...
  2. D


    could someone give me a link of a website which contains esf models/skins?
  3. ssj999vegeta

    what is a wrl

    i know .wrl store grpahics but what exactly is it? is it code or is it like a vector graphic what? and dont post htat old sticky about editing wrl's or ill break ur face
  4. R

    can someone make perfect cell model and ussj-brolly ??? plz

    plz can someone make perfect cell model and ussj-brolly :fight:
  5. H

    Mapping Help Please !

    Can anyone help me please, i have a problem with my map ! when i test it, the character was a bit over the ground and not direct on the ground ! Please can anyone help me ! I use : Hammer 3.4 and the ZHLT and TCBB ! Because i didnt found HLCC Kann mir hier vielleicht irgendeiner...
  6. E


    is there a brolly?

    MSJ gohan

    Can someone make a Megasaiyan Gohan. Here is what it look like. :notice: Normal Gohan body. :notice: Hair that are like ssj2, but green and much more. If you whant pics, I need a good host. Sorry for don't post in the request thread, but in this way I have a better overview. I...
  8. t he OnE Z Er0

    e need uuuuuuubbbbbbbbb

    when are u guys making ubb
  9. G

    Quick Question

    now i was looking and i hope i aint being an ass but i couldnt find nor see a gotenks model i remember one being made awhile ago but
  10. E

    does someone have ssj4 vegeta??

    does someone have ssj4 vegeta o_o
  11. M

    How Do I Make Maps??

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie and I was interested in mapping and I was wondering if someone could give me all the info I need to make ESF MAPS... Thanx ~Kronic
  12. V

    spirtes to bitmaps

    how can you make sprites tot bitmaps??!!
  13. K

    Can Any One Tell me.......

    Were To get a 1.1 compatible mystic gohan pack?because the old mystic gohan oack doesnt support 1.1
  14. MysticVegeta


    Is that janemba that smo made already released?????????
  15. V


    how you can change the attacks of the charactersss can somebody tell me?pleasse
  16. P

    wud anyone tell me somegood models?

    wud uguys give me some good models off goku in saiyanarmor and a good gohan model and perfect cell and sounds:D:laff: :laff: :laff: :laff: :laff: :laff:
  17. H

    Gotenks model 4 1.1

    Anyone know where i can find a Gotenks model for ESF 1.1?? I've looked at a few sites and couldn't find anything.
  18. K

    1.1 models

    any one have links to 1.1 models besides the ones on red saiyan? links plz
  19. Shuyin

    Adult Gohan Request

    Ok. Ive checked alot of threads and models of "adult gohan" and the best esf adult gohan i came to it was red clothed gohan. (model above by smo) If anyone can or already has made one that looks as close to this without too many polys then i would be greatly happy.
  20. P

    Forum Rules and FAQ

    First off. 1) This is NOT for posting Server IP's or asking FOR Server IP's If you are looking for servers to join go here http://www.gametiger.net/search?game=all&server=esf&count=100 2) Please be as specific as possible with your questions or problems. Include all relevant information...