1. S

    Hyperbolic Time Chamber Suggestions

    I think that the place should change at different sections like water or fire when you go to certain areas although that sounds complicated. but whatever. :)
  2. Sliq

    Hyperbolic Time Chamber

    Can someone send me a link so I can download ther Hyperbolic Time Chamber map or link me to any current thread that has this map for download?..
  3. darknavigator

    Hyperbolic Time Chamber Map bug

    It seems whenever you go spectator and look under the map, and go up, everything is black. Ill post a pic in a sec. BTW, I used the search button for "hyperbolic". ;/ EDIT: http://groups.msn.com/-ES-/darknavigator.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=131
  4. T

    Hyperbolic Time Chamber

    How do I get the map (esf_rosat) to look like the pictures in the gallery? (Here) Also, why is it called that? And who agrees that the floor colour should be changed, to make it easier to orient yourself?
  5. A

    New Trunks Look...maybe???

    I myself love Trunks. But, id love to see a different (better) look for him. Basically, I know this would be a lot of work, but it would be pretty awesome to have. The Trunks from the future Trunks from the Cell saga where he has Vegetas saiyan outfit on and he has the longer hair. Yes, when...
  6. Yui Sakura

    Hyperbolic time chamber!

    I know this had prob been said 1000 times, but here is my suggestion. On the right level (kami look) 1 or 2 people should b able to enter the HBTC. They dont walk around or anything, but you see their character just punching and kicking etc. Well when you are in there you could press punch...
  7. M

    solar flare / hyperbolic time chamber

    2 unrelated comments: 1) the solar flare really ought to have a lot less charge time, its a purely defensive weapon and you cant use it with the intention of running away if someone in the same time can pretty much charge an attack. 2) Is the hyperbolic time chamber going to be connected...
  8. B

    Hyperbolic time chamber

    I was looking at the screenshots of this cool looking place and i was wondering if there was gonna be any special effects like will your power level go up faster in there?
  9. Hibiki

    What Trunks?

    what trunks should esf have? future is soo much better cause he has the bad ass sword and looks hella cooler than the gay bojack trunks