1. SSj Gotenks

    Ouch thats got to hurt

    Hey In the beta release I noticed inthe vid that the fighitng/melee is pretty fast, and I was wondering when you are powering a beam , can somebody teleport right behind u and knock u out, or will u be kinda invincibe when u charge a beam. Cuz i know u cant be killed when u power struggle
  2. S

    Streaming Lava

    hi guys i want to make a map with streaming lava but how can a make it stream and hurt at the same time?:talk:
  3. S

    hows my new sig?

  4. R


    Thought I'd give it a shot... probably isn't anything great... just ahd some time on my hands
  5. S

    You want a TOTALLY destructable map??

    you only have to wait until tomorrow, or monday...
  6. Chimpbot

    More Pictures

    Here's some more pictures.... usual...10-20 minutes, all done with pen. Enjoy :D
  7. NightShade

    sever crashes hurt this game

    sever crashes really does suck. i mean i gain so much power to have game freeze up and everyone booted
  8. R

    Trunks ssjhead!!!!!!

    hi new head gimme some feedback
  9. T

    body's hurt by attacks

    i don't know if the HL engine is capable of doing so, which i highly doubt, cuz i've never seen it in hl games.. but if you are very closely hit by a beam, i mean, it flies just sideway away from you.. can't it be able that your arm, or another limb falls off or so? and it makes you move...