1. Kaination

    Just got a second monitor, any way to hook up individual speakers to it?

    So I just found a DVI --> HDMI cable that works perfectly, so now my 32" tv is now a secondary monitor. I'm wondering, is there any way to hook up individual speakers to where it can detect whatever is on the second monitor, be played through speakers. kind of like an if-then statement...
  2. D

    Is it possible to hook two HUBS / routers together?

    I have like, 2 (4) person hubs, for lan parties. I have 5 people that will be at my house. Is it possible to hook two of them up together?
  3. Enix

    How do you hook ur PS2 to ur PC?

    I have been wanting to know how to do this for a while. I got S-video In on my video card, and a S-video cable for my PS2. Now how do i make this work? I know theres a way, but i need some help ^_^.
  4. X

    What Celebrity would you like to hook up with?

    I found this subject on another forum and it sounded pretty interesting :p so what celeb would you guys go out with? Mine would only be Eliza Dushku! Shes so hot! nuff said
  5. Nuttzy

    Diablo 2 hook me up

    well, i was a big time player for about a year maybe 2 i had 8 full accounts of mules and prettymuch everysingle build you could think of, (even a melee sorc) but in the frst run when they banned 40k accounts they got all but one, (and its been looted thanks to a few friends that thought i...
  6. DannyLad

    So many lol

    right im new but i wanna start getin sum new models etc into my ESF can someone give me a run down on the best ones and where to d/l them please theres so many on here lol thanks everyone for time and help oh dbz or Gt ones please