1. LOPAO

    Effects of damage houses or holes blocks

    Hi, i'm new i realy like this mod and i played many times. I have a suggestion about new version it was very nice if the map is destroyed like in the dbz from ps2 when someoane blast the earth it makes a holes or when blast a house or a block that is crashed.. I think you understand what i'm...
  2. M

    Cyber Black Holes

    Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/livescience/20080411/sc_livescience/internetfullofblackholes;_ylt=AnFZDjfs0iWHtSe3DpLjJ1as0NUE
  3. J

    Poking holes

    ok, i found this both disturbing, and very very very funny at the same time. the guy in the background screaming about how its so ****ed up, reminds me of magus on skype xD http://paulbrownshow.com/images/mp3/paul_brown_condom_hole.mp3
  4. Frieza

    Port holes in a firewall

    What are the port holes for the firewall, i cant create a server on esf :( and i want to 4 me and my friends, but they never appear, im on 512k and have what i thought was a port hole open, how do i fix this :(
  5. S

    krillin edit

    <object id="MS3DViewerCtl" width="400" height="400" classid="CLSID:59131903-4A33-40D5-80C2-5242DD365AB3" codebase="http://www.swissquake.ch/chumbalum-soft/files/MS3DViewerOCX.cab#version=1,0,0,6"> <PARAM NAME="_Version" VALUE="65536"> <PARAM NAME="_ExtentX" VALUE="16007"> <PARAM...
  6. T

    SsJ4 GoHaN DoNe 1.1

    well heres the first gohan ssj4 ill be released pretty soon. EnGoY :laff: .
  7. N

    Vash model?

    has anyone ever thought of makin a vash model? I'm supprised there isn't one out right now... bein so many vash fans and all :laff:
  8. B

    my first model and reskin please check it out

    ok update damged vegeta check it out please the pics are in the bottom of the page credits esf team http://www.geocities.com/brightblade3602/brightblade.html?1054047794592
  9. DaKD

    Inuyasha WIP

    I decided to divulge my talents in another anime hehe Crits please Updated pic below
  10. TehMuffinMan


    first... the story.. tetsuo is a boy from an anime called akira. he underwent some crzy experiments and started going insane, he had amazing powers, he could fly, crush people by looking, ect, anyways... seeming on how l33t he is i felt i needed him in esf... so i tryed.. i succeeded in...
  11. B

    how do u get holes out

    how do u get holes out of ur projects.
  12. K

    a few ideas, beampush, finger laser 2 block, city holes to shoot, scout height meter

    well i wanna make some suggestions for future versions of ESF, plz comment if it sux 1 a beam that pushes someone away (like trunks uses to push vegeta in the imperfect cell saga), the pushed away person flies like hit from a melee (that fast) (give this to trunks) 2 on the scouter a...
  13. S

    ssj3 vegeta!!!

    i just finished my ssj3 vegeta.here are some pics. its my first model the bodies from AZN Dragon's majin vegeta and the hairs from bryggs ssj3 goku please give me crits. ps i can't turn the model edits from a ms3d to a .mdl can you please help...
  14. SSJ4_Cell

    New Destructo Disk Sprite!

    <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=blue, strength=#+1)>Hi, I've made a new Destructo Disk, credits go to ESF Team for sprites and shijing for the thread on how to make a sprite. Take a look, click here:).</TABLE> <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=blue, strength=#+1)>You like it? Crits please and...
  15. SSj Goten

    Chibi Trunks

    Here is the most commonly wanted model ChibiTrunks!..... u can edit it if u want just send me the model back to my email or my aim Credits:Original Gohan Maker: 35% Original Trunks Maker: 35% LiL_Gohan:35%
  16. Demi-Shadow

    n00bkid on the block..

    Hi everyone. I am a mapper who is now starting modelling and I am making my new projects for ESF as it is better than DMZ's 1.7 (only time will tell if 1.8 is better). First thing's first, request any map/model you want me to make as my curren't project lists are empty (I don't know how to model...
  17. D

    Help me!

    I just started working on milkshape i know how to make holes in spheres and...well thats about it.. i was thinking mayb it will be better to first adit things and on the way learn how to create a model...But *Tam Da Dammm* When i try to put a model so i could adit it...in open...it searches...
  18. D

    Black hole wallpaper

    I just started using photoshop afew months ago but don't use it that often so my skills aren't that good. Here is a wallpaper I just made. Tell me what you think of it. Try it on your desktop, it may look better... p.s - what do you think of my sig?
  19. S

    Programs needed for mapping?

    Hey everyone! I use to map for Unreal tournament and I wanna give a shot at mapping 1 or 2 for ESF.... that is if its cool with you guys. So what programs do I need and where can I find them? Thanks in advance even if you don't need me to map. Da Rascally Rabbit.
  20. E

    First Female ESF Char

    What you think? Click here or copy and paste this url if the link isn't workin http://esfmaps.freeservers.com/Celytra1.jpg