1. G

    5th Hokage - Tsunade

    Done a new naruto character, this time Tsunade This model is ment for Naruto: Mezame a new project I started it up... Construction style: photorealistic Textured (Skin) - no, what you see are only some plain materials, no diffuse yet Model ( no texture ) next will be map &...
  2. Enix

    Sarutobi [3rd hokage]

    Been showing this in the simple render thread, but it's almost done. I'm putting it in TS later, although its not meant for it, was just for fun.
  3. AmoN

    4th hokage

  4. davidhalo

    I'm Going To Become Hokage!

    After putting Temari on hold for a bit and working on my other projects I decided to take a break while I was at work and just go crazy doing a main character and who else but Naruto stuck in my head, especially after finishing a not so half assed Sasuke. Front/Side - Wires - 3/4 -...
  5. M

    4th Hokage =)

    Newst sig, ;) c&c please...
  6. Sorrow

    Naruto ; Fourth Hokage art

    Hey guys . My max is currently down so I had to rest some from 3d work. So I decided to try coloring fourth hokage . This is how it turned out , still planning on making some kind of BG : This is the original concept I used : Oh btw, I also plan on making a new forheadprotector , the...
  7. D

    5th hokage

    who do you guys rekon the 5th hokage will be. cuse i know : D saw it on the net