1. J

    hmmmm gateway doesnt exist?

    ok so basically, ive been trying to connect my uncle to the internet, his ISP say its a problem on his end. i know ive connected everything up right, and that the software is installed right. but its telling me it cant detect a connection. then in the softwares help section, doing a health...
  2. A

    hmmmm is this a bug or somethin

    When i go to some server it works really fine but after that the character im palying turns up to an funny and odd........ i t twistes and do something un-usual........?!??!?! :laff: :\ can somebody help me how to fix this problem and to make me happy esf player!??!?!?!?!?! PLEASE??!?!?!
  3. A


    Can any of you send me ESForces bots if you have em :confused: Tired of playing alone =). Do any of you know I.P.'s of good ESForces servers for 1.2.2 couse 1.2.3 doesnt work on that stupid german page :warning: My email is [email protected] If you arent gone press the link...
  4. D


    the swop of esf is not good in my opinion.. so plz make it like this.. whan you go for any direction you fly in normal way.. but whan you press forward botten + SHIFT botten it swop any time you press this two together.........
  5. A

    eyebeam... hmmmm

    Is it just me or can eyebeam go through a shield???? isn't da shield suppose to block all attacks except discs, solar flare and (maybe telekensis)....
  6. |Da|K|


    hey made somthin with ma man maelstrom....he did render LINK CRIZT PLZ
  7. MinesSkylineR34

    Subaru Impreza WRX STi WP

    woohoo 10 minutes of nothing hehehe
  8. I


    whould esf make like gohan u can choose slothes for him if u pic ingame is that a good idea u imbasolt!(means ur a **** face)
  9. T


    Umm, how do you open pk3 files? or even skin it ; like do you use Adobe Photoshop or something?
  10. U

    continuation of hmmmm....

    no thats where your wrong moron there is a difference between a nerd and a person who has a gift in computers the reason I was calling people who understood about r_speed a nerd not because they were knowlagable about the situation, but because of the impatience you and the rest of ur...
  11. Twysta

    Model Request

    Yesterday i downloaded adult gohan model to replace gohan (it is AWESOME :shocked:) but then I relized that I have adult gohan and future trunks which doesnt make sense and i'm all about having things as much like the show as possible so my model request is for someone to make a chibi trunks...
  12. A


    uh ... all u greedy *******s who wanna use AzN's innocence to get his models , try ot understand ... if he wanted to release them as individuals he would do it already dont u think ? so get off his back u stupid noobs and let him work peacfully ( love u AzN ) and besides , its much...
  13. SkulkMaster

    New Sig, need some opinions

    This is only my second sig, so be gentle. :p EDIT: Got it uploaded to a different place. should I keep my current one or change it to this one?
  14. X

    hmmmm meelee

    hmmm guys too shame i was hoping for melle just like in oni maybe you could do that in beta 2??? it would really make the game cooler!! because DBZ is like 70 % melee so...
  15. S

    hmmmm wired..............

    i have seen many times that the auras tail sometimes changes color ex: when cell just used his aura and i use mine the tail turns green wired
  16. D

    New Skin! Perfect Cell!

    Here i made a Perfect Cell! Looks pretty good, came out better then i thought. Hope you enjoy!