1. Damaera

    Hide your kids! Hide your wife!

    I'm just going to leave this hilarious video here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKsVSBhSwJg&annotation_id=annotation_651006&feature=iv
  2. Suh Dude

    How would you hide... [Mature please] :O

    Okay, I notice Mr. Long John is growing to his teenage years. Since then he has been "growing" stuff and been trying to pop out since, I don't know how to hide them from other people. He doesn't show himself in public but he sticks out by growing more and more. How can I hide him? :O
  3. F

    Hide your powerlevel and transforming perfectly

    -Being able to hide your powerlevel -A different button for tranforming perfectly..I like transforming for long
  4. S

    HIDE YOUR PL....

    If you are walking(not runing, not in SSJ mode, and not have aura) you would be invisible on radar(only enemy radar) WHAT do you think?
  5. M

    i wonder if they no u can hide your ip

    i wonder if they no you can hide your ip or disguise it as some hackers wud say not saying i wud do this or any body else shud but just a warning to the administrators people who hack tend to know how to do that or no where to find a program that can do that.
  6. S

    Hide Powers

    Hi, I was Thinking, how about hide your ki?, you know like in show, like cell hide his ki to run away from piccoro and the others, or Krillin and Gohan in Freeza saga, that they not fly to hide the ki from the Scooters. Answer me ;)
  7. D

    Hide your power level

    Another thing which might go down a treat with characters such as gohan and goku would be able to hide u power level imagine .. big old vegetta comes up to u .. whaps up his scouter .. oh only a p/l of 900.000 starts attacking u ... WHAM !! p/l of 2.000.000 .. he craps himself then u...
  8. S

    Master Roshi???

    I dunt wanna beg no one to make a skin or a model but it would be really cool to see master roshi in the game. Like he can replace piccolo trunks or krillin. and like he could be wearing his regular black outfit. the one that he wore as jackie chung. and as his transformation he could be the...
  9. G

    Map : nearly done

    Okay i completely dropped my other map cause there was no way i would get it running at some playable speeds .. so i made a new one , still have to make some changes .. http://users.pandora.be/Goes/map
  10. A

    Hide textures really worth it?

    I was thinking because of the scale down on the models ,maps dont have to be nearly as big as they were before in esf. Are hide textures really needed for a decent size map then? The one flaw to hide textures is that they can screw up lighting slightly because of the breaking down the...
  11. E

    hide ki

    Will it be possible to hide ki so scouters dont pick people up on them, or would that be too hard to do or is it not really needed in the game at this point in
  12. S

    Lightwave Questions

    ok, i was opening the modeller, and i had never used it before, so i messed around with the options... then all of a sudden the menu is gone! how? i dont know, but im asking you how to get it back... please reply if u do...
  13. DJ-Ready

    Now you can get my newest map... *gg*

    hehe... and again a new map from me... for the next few weeks no esf map will be come out from me but definetively will be new maps created for u... So, here r some screenies 4 u from my new map: http://mitglied.lycos.de/s2k_clan/bunker0000.JPG...