1. finalblast

    DBZ Uncencored Edition?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlGva8ekGUU Wouldn't you like that? Please don't embed videos with bad language -Deverz
  2. M

    Hercule vs Frieza

    Heyzz I made this one quite a while ago but never put it together , so i did it now it think its hellah funny even slowed the part with big text down for you slow readers ^^ , remember its old work and has some faults ( BG **** ) but still enjoy...
  3. PiXel

    hercule is a really idiot ^^....

    http://www.angelfire.com/dragon2/tryforce/hercule here is a avi file where u can look from the game: Dragonballz - legende of goku II its a really funny avi file maybe u look at this a made it... better i say i record it ^^
  4. S


    You could make a Hercule Model based on the one in Dragonball Z Budokai.. He could have a jetpack so he can fly, lets say he teleports by using the jetpack to fly SUPER fast he could use a gun to shoot beams and his specials could be something like the Super Ultra Special Wonderful Hercule...
  5. Z

    Hercule Satan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok.. For sometime ive been playing this game, yet I really wanna see a Mr Satan model, If you add him, You can use the same stuff they use in DBZ Budokai, with the Jetpack and all. And for 1 of his attacks, Hercule Miracle bomber- Charges at enemy hits them yet doesnt hurt them ur char will...
  6. Cold Steel

    Mr. Satan (Hercule) as spectator

    Many of you guys like to have Mr. Satan(hercule) in the game with rocketlaunchers and grenades. That won't happen since many people also hate Mr. Satan. That's why it would be fun when you spectate you are Hercule since he doesn't do antyhing else then standing there and watch when there's a...
  7. P

    New Hercule game type(alternate to the norms)

    Why not make Hercule/MR Satan part of a new game type. Everybody joins the game as in free fighting and then after a while a person transforms into Hercule. Then the point of the game is to kill that person. the person who transformed has to try and stay alive until he transforms back. The...
  8. W

    ESF comic

    Not funny ESF comic I was bored. Yes it is the one and only hercule.. staring at the esf beta mod.. I suck at colouring so i won't even try.. ;)
  9. P

    Pete needs a sig

    If anybody has some time i would appreciate a sig Either non ssj vegita(first fight versus goku) or hercule. with my name on there and my clan name ( Its All About Pete) IAAP, and i guess my icq number also 14065240 thanks in advance