1. C

    free play hellp

    how to i turn of team death mach? i wanna have a free forall :devgrin:
  2. Denz

    A little map hellp thats all I need...

    well here it goes: (1)When I make map my character is 10ft in air when he runs and stuff. (2)I make a sky and when I compile teh map I run in 2 sky and it is like some water supstance and it gives me the creeps! (3)what are those max_patches or max_leaf_faces error? thanks in advance...
  3. Gogeta91

    edit esf model pblem

    milk shape wont let me edit esf models hellp!!!!
  4. M

    Ninja trunks

    hi, i made this (re)skin (i dunno if i should call it a new skin) of trunks, credit goes to the maker of the esf/katana trunks http://ninjatrunks0.tripod.com/myninjatrunks/id1.html here is the link to the pic, dont pay any attention to the other pics, i made this site in 5 minutes with...
  5. ssj999vegeta

    Hellp!!!! (again)

    i fixed my spirtieicon problem but now when ever i make a server it crashes wtf is rong????
  6. E

    i need hellp

    when i start and try to play it says some about the open gl thing is not supported by ur video card =*( what do i do>:?>:!>?!>[email protected]>?#>[email protected]#>?E?D?
  7. M

    Hellp dll errors

    when im about to jin a server it just comes upp Your .dll [cl_dlls\client.dll] are diffrent from the servers host_error: disconnected ... can somone help me plz