1. Deverz

    Need a new headset

    So I used to have these and they were pretty nice but the cord was severed by a pet rabbit (gone now) which if I go back to will cost me about $40 Fairly comfortable, Detachable mic. So now I have these I think Something cheap when my Fatalities broke, Get uncomfortable (an hour or two), Sound...
  2. Skyrider

    Searching for a new headset (+mic)

    It's my birthday soon and I really need a new headset.. My current headset works, but the microphone is dead. So, I need a new one. Can anyone recommend me one? A microphone on the headset is a must. Let's say the prize range should be around 50 euro's, which is 66.15 U.S. dollars. I was also...
  3. B

    Need a gaming headset

    So now that I've gotten rid of my xbox 360 (didn't like it because I was too cheap to buy a wifi addon for it) and I have since turned my computer into my entertainment system, I need a gaming headset to go with it. Problem is, there are so many gaming headsets, and prices range so drastically I...
  4. Jakut

    Logitech Precision Gaming Headset or Creative HS-600?

    Well either i haven't searched well enough or these are the best headsets that you can find in Estonia :| I'm planning to use them solely for gaming purposes so please state your opinions on these 2 and recommend 1. P.S. Don't try to recommend some Sennheiser, because like i said, i...
  5. veqeta

    CAN SOMEONE TELL ME THE COMMAND so i can speak on my headset?????????????????????????

    hi i'm looking for the command to let me speak into my headset, and if they can, could they put it in exactly? so i can just copy and paste it into the console? i need it soon there's an event going on soon on the server i play on.
  6. K

    Best Gaming Headset

    Im searching right now for a good pair of headphones for my gaming needs. I dont plan on spending more then $75 on a good pair, and they must have mic, every pair of headsets i got, the mic doesnt work, or i forgot to order a headset with a mic :S Does anyone have any suggetions on a pair?
  7. G

    My new 5.1 headset ^^

    Specifications Unit Type : Electro Dynamic Round Type Micro Speaker Frequency Response : 50Hz ~ 20KHz Sound Pressure Level : 89 dB ± 3 dB at 50mW Impedance : 16 Ohm at 1KHz Nominal Power : 0.02W Maximum Power : 0.15W Weight : 11.24oz (316.8g) without packaging Cord ...
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