1. vinay87

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    Two days from the release of the movie. I'm not a big fan of the HP movies, maybe because I love the books. (And just want the darned thing to END already). I'm not going to watch this movie. Not atleast until I can rent it on DVD. Because they change far too much. Yes 700+ Pages can become...
  2. A

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    Hey guys, I just saw this movie and was woundering what your thoughts were on about this movie. I liked it, I loved the part where Harry dueled Voldemort. That hoe lost and got raped. Lucious was a Death Eater... Some guy put that crazy eye guy in a chest and transformed into him, so he was the...
  3. Suh Dude

    Man Commits Suicide After Learning Harry Potter Spoiler

    "I No Longer Have a Reason to Live," Says Despondent Potter Fan A rabid Harry Potter fan took his life yesterday after inadvertently learning a plot spoiler from the soon-to-be-released J.K. Rowling opus, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” Jude Ralston, 32, of Hudson, Ohio...
  4. P

    Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix [Spoilers?]

    Go on laugh, I could not much care for all you pittyfull Hp-haters who have never seen picked up a book before, let alone a hp one..... So anyone who did read the book, what did you all think of it? I think it was really cool... someone post so we can talk about it, rawr. ^_^
  5. A

    Harry Potter or a 12 Gauge Shotgun

    i know this is going WAY off topic which is why it is here... but this was brought to my attention to a couple of friends of mine while we were bored so now im bringing it here who would win a 12 gauge shotgun or Harry potter?
  6. S

    harry potter vs DBZ

    ok dont be angry sorry if its old and i have 3 more if you want http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=35647
  7. E

    New Model For Elemental-Fusion...

    i forgot polycount, ill get it in a sec freeza saga goku if u didnt guess lol i have alot more to show if ur interested