1. J-Dude

    BIOS Concerns

    Alright, so my new computer is structurally almost done. Finally got my RAM, plugged in all 8gb's. Hard drive is in place, front panel wiring is go. All data is backed-up on my MyBook. Windows 7 Disc ready. Just need to get some thermal paste, snap on the heatsink, turn off the machine I'm using...
  2. B

    Huge Free Hardware.

    I was looking at the huge free software list and that's all fine and dandy. But I want some huge free hardware. Anyone know where I can find some?if you know what I mean.
  3. J-Dude

    Mouse wheel stopped working (hardware, not software)

    Okay, been using the same reliable old mouse since I got my computer in 2005. And just today, I'm scrolling with it, and away goes the resistant clicking sound, and instantly it stops reacting to it. Figured out how to take the mouse apart and cleaned it out inside, all manner of hair in it...
  4. Ravendust

    Post your Vista hardware peformance scores

    If there's any other early-adopters other than Permalite and myself i'd like to see how everyone else did. Hardware: CPU: Athlon XP 3000+ 2.2ghz RAM: 1gb Crucial Dual Channel (512x2) Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 9800XT AGP 256mb (Vista Catalyst 7.2 Drivers) HDD: Western Digital Caviar 160...
  5. Mobius ^^

    HARDWARE STORE !!!!!11!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYzo6NJBKco Goin' to the HARDWARE STOOOORE !!!11! !! Gotta love it xD
  6. saiyanslayer

    Program to detect hardware on computer

    I'm just about to go for an overhaul on my upgrading but before i do i want to make sure i get all the drivers i need before going for it. Unfortunately, I don't know the exact videocard, harddrive, ram speed, cd rom i have inorder to get those drivers again. Do you guys have any good programs...
  7. FreeDoM

    Hardware & BSoD help

    A friend of mine gave me a motherboard and cpu and i've been having troubles ever since. It's a HP Motherboard with Via chipset. Amd Athlon xp, 2200 1.8 Ghz. I'm using 2100 DDR Ram. Ever since i installed it, my systems been restarting (BsoD) right off the bat. It wouldn't even load windows...
  8. S

    A question regarding hardware (To ESF)

    Awhile ago i posted that i got the blue screen of death, well it didnt make sense, getting it in Ghost Recon and this (Both i had the RAM for, and Bf1942 which i need more RAM), well i was playing Operationflashpoint, my sound was shot, i couldnt hear anything, so i turned on either EAX sound or...
  9. S

    Hammer/World Craft help

    I get this problem too many ...... times and it's driving me ........ crazy!!! Each time I start up hammer it freezes. I made a hammer "log" in my head. Here is what happened in the past hour: start Hammer open map stops when I make a new brush freezes restart start...
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