1. PRJ

    Beam not attached to both hands while loading 2 handed beam attack's O_o

    well when i mean "2-handed beam attack's" is like the kamehameha when he shoots it with two hands not like generic beam when its just one hand,oh well i found this out when i was vegeta and i was loading a final flash and gallit gun,i could see that the little loading ball was a little bit away...
  2. I

    freeza wip

    here's my freeza model im working on :p... its not anything yet but ima do the head and kneck then post another update *crits*
  3. Abhorsen

    Cs Left handed Guns

    The other day i downloaded some really kool custom guns,but when i use them im game they are held in the left hand!Does anyone know how i can make it be in the right hand cause the left hand thing bothers me for some reason.
  4. G

    mystic gohan no damage

    i have downloaded mystic gohan battle damage. but is there a mystic gohan without battle damage ?
  5. G

    2 Handed Charge Blast

    :D Over the last few episodes in America[USA USA USA] I noticed that vegeta had a blast that he use both hands and i think they should add that so if someones charging at you you can quickly shoot em.