1. Mr.Lukyas

    Pirate Bay - Guilty

    SAUCE: inb4 old news is old
  2. Odin

    R. Kelly not guilty

    Theres more about it at What do you all think about it?
  3. M

    Judge Says Jack Thompson Guilty Of Misconduct During GTA, Bully Trials

  4. X

    Guilty Gear XX #Reload Slash

    Alright, since im bored, I figure I try to bring all the news from my forum over to here to get a convo (that interests me) going :tired: For those of you that dont understand the Tekken/GGXX Terminology: 789 456 123 It reprisents a direction in your control pad/joystick (look at the...
  5. Chakra-X

    Jackson-Not Guilty!!

    A few moments ago, I was watching the news and the jury had finally came to their verdict that all the accounts Michael Jackson was accounted for, turns out he was not guilty. As a MJ fan, I am very pleased to hear this, i still find it bazaare howa little rumor could get so big. Hopefully, he...
  6. |Overlord|

    shapelle Corby Innocent or guilty ?

    well , what do you think and based on what evidence ? i think they really mixed this up with the bali 9 and such in their judgement. There's alot of evidence and such , but i can't be bothered to search through it all
  7. X

    Guilty Gear Isuka...

    Just got my copy this evening around 1pm(EST)... I gotta say its suprised me a bit... Its almost nothing like the previous game... There is no Instant Kills, the gameplay seems more advance because of the constant manual-focusing toward other players and the game is pretty challenging... I...
  8. Taurus 2112

    Guilty Gear Question.

    According to gamefaqs you can unlock the EX and SP versions of a character by completing there story paths, you can also unlock Kliff, Justice, and Guilty Gear Mode in this way. My question is how do I get through different story lines? I mean every time I start up story mode for a character it...
  9. Taurus 2112

    Guilty Gear X2 :Reload, Done go drive me crazy!

    Yeah thats right, I recently purchased Guilty Gear X2 :Reload for the XBOX, and it's driving me insane. I know how awesome Cliff and Justice are supposed to be, but i just can't unlock them. The game is just to FREAKIN' hard. I know that in order to excel at anygame you have to use strategy and...
  10. X

    Bored? Take this Guilty Gear X Quiz

    Well... after taking the quiz I got: I was hoping to get either Johny, Dizzy, or Ino, ah well. It seems a bit accurate... though I donno about the part of me being more like a chick... The quiz is here-
  11. X

    -Requesting Guilty Gear X Sig-

    Was just wondering if anyone out there could make me a Guilty Gear X or XX sig? I will provide the images of the characters... Make the Sig 400x100pxl's by the way... Here are images of I-No: Here are images of Millia Rage...
  12. SSj Gotenks

    Beta 1 Guilty Pleasures

    My guiltiest please is to wait until somebody has like 6 dragonballs, and then I kill him, and then I take all the dballs and throw them off back in diffrent places. tell me chaps what is your guiltiest pleasure