Guilty Gear XX #Reload Slash

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Nov 10, 2002
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Alright, since im bored, I figure I try to bring all the news from my forum over to here to get a convo (that interests me) going :tired:

For those of you that dont understand the Tekken/GGXX Terminology:

It reprisents a direction in your control pad/joystick (look at the keypad on your keyboard)

This is a Copy & Paste containing information of the game so far-

Copy & Paste:
I decided to move the previous topic and dump it in the scrap heap, and recreate the topic on this forum, along with the old info I provided, and the new information on this game which I have failed to update on the previous thread till now...

The official GGX#R Slash site -

MAY 9:

Yeah, well thanks to Final Ultima for letting me know about this. Theres yet another new Guilty Gear XX.

Source - Forums

Master Chibi - Forums said:
Courtsey of Rezo:

new characters added:
Abba - silhouette only on character selecting screen by now
new stage added:
Abba stage

Knockback increased in general
Win mark changed

small charaters on the top of the screen are replaced by
character's faces

FD throw no longer works

Specified character changes:

D loop is gone, can only perform 1 loop,
Tension Recover while Dragon Installed


low speed Stun edge with 236s, and high speed with 236Hs
charge attack command changed to 236D
Aerial Charge attack added (236D in the air)
HS viper has almost no horizontal position change

aerial taunt - 236k
gamma blade actvates faster, FRC added to beta blade

guard balance rate descreased with gear rolling attack
Jk pirorty enhanced
cannot guard while floating in the air (FD possible)
count as counter hits while floating in the air

also good thing is eddie can't do set ups after the command throw.
its now designed that both characters go to the ends of the screen after the throw.

new overdrive with little eddie added (wow, sounds like a rap song)
2HS hitbox enhanced, 2K->sweep GC added.
Weird changes in Megalith Head involving eddie gaudge which i donno how to translate (bcz i don't use eddie)

236S's moving pattern changed
fishes disappear when dizzy gets hit
new moves with Necro, looks like a guilltone, Razor holdable,
bubble does not make opp fly as high as before.

Sweep delayed
J6p reach increased
Dash speed down
46HS recovery time decreased
Raieisageki HS pattern changed

Aerial special added (attack with the syringe)
Neck Stretch pattern changed
Bomb range decreased
Rerere No Tsuki shortened,
K version of Ai added

new ball setup with D button
Ball bouncing angles are varied more with basic moves
new Red Hail (236236hs/214214hs).
ground version of Red Hail added,
lightening effect added to Dubis Curve
Dark Angel moving speed up

New counter attack move added with sword

Tetsuzansen added extra hits (now total 3 hits with Kabari -> Tetsuzansen)
2HS brings the opp closer when hit/guarded
2H modfied (took off from GC, 3rd hit with yoroke, not Jump cancellble)

D step -> Hs with new lower attack.

new ani-air move with laser.
power down, easily overheat, homerun weakend, lv3 missle homing weakened
bazooka activate faster now, far S, 6HS delayed
JHS hits higher, 2HS recovery time decreased, charging ability (2d) weakened (WTF!!)
2k with damage fixation, command throw with damage fixation
2hs recovery shortened (can have 2 missles on the screen at the same time)
damage correction added to 2k and command throw.
charing mat weakend (1 grid per mat)

new move with bloody wrist (wth?)
Master of Puppet enhanced with new marking.
Hitomi enhanced
Crow attack become densitive,
Succubus' scythe attack becomes 2hits
aerial dash fastened

New guard point move added,
JD frc added, Sweep reach increased
6k added,

new Ensennga (vs ground) added
many moves are cancellble with coin,
possible to add combos after mist finer lv3
mist finer pattern changed.
mist step range changed

JHS/ground throw are recoverable

Dust delayed, throw FRC timing changed
far s loop is gone, Burst Ball's Stun rate restored.

boucing Koutsu Onkai added,
vertical Chemical Aijoo added
Chemical Aijoo goes through projectiles


"HeatBrave" added (firing knucle hitting the ground)

heatextend damage decreased, tension gained increased.

Mega Fist activates faster,
Heavenly potemkin buster goes to heaven.
FDB weakend (less reflectble projectiles, the shockwave doesn't goes all the way to the end of the screen)
slidehead wake-up time shortened,
6P, far S, HS are delayed, 6k not cancelleble and can't GC. regular throw not recoverble but recovery time increased.
JD activates super-ultra-fast, can be controlled with lever.

new move(?)
yo-yo can be controlled with lever,
Roger Razor moves faster,
star-ship cuts off fast.
Roger weakend (lasting shorter...)
6k become 1 hit only, delayed,
far s weakened (reach shortened)
I didn't read much except some stuff on Bridget, Baiken & Sol Badguy.

A.B.A. is also goinna be in this, which is really good because she was introduced in a somewhat bad game (Kinda like Ingrid in Evolution...). A.B.A. also has her own stage...

I hope that they tweaked her a little bit cause she is really hard to play after she runs out of Blood Packs (I know she has a command grab where she absorbs the enemy's life by impaling her key into them but its still pretty hard after she has no more blood packs).

For more information click HERE
That thread at SRK will probably be updated a billion times so I suggest checking in once in a while.

June 15:

Low Quality Videos posted by Final Ultima. You can check them out here-

July 8:

This was posted by Kyosuke Kagami, over at Orochinagi Forums, showing off an art of Holy Order Sol/Holy Knight Sol.

Also, I myself came across a movelist for Holy Sol a while back. And it seems like he may be some sort of a hidden character, he looks cooler than regular sol, and plays similar to him-

July 10:
List Changed from the one found in Orochinagi forums (as this one is more accurate). And some other new info included

Suzaku of Romancancel forums said:
General Changes
- The title is now Guilty Gear XX Slash, with the #Reload being dropped completely.
- There is a new background, it appears to be Order Sol's stage. It appears to be the interior of a castle or cathedral, with statues on either side of the fighting area and a large window in the center background, where light shines in.
- There is now a version of the Japanese colony which appears to be during the morning with a generally green colorset.
- Zepp is now flying low through clouds.
- Dizzy's stage is now at fall time. (?)
- Various new alternate palletes. Robo-Ky now has the MKII pallete as an alternate.
- New win icons.
- FD knockback has increased.
- Burst apparantly looks a bit different now.
- Not just with FD, but knockback in general is greater.
- Something about the priority for FD and throw input being different.

Order-Sol New Character!

- Of course, this is Sol from back during the Crusades, when he was a Holy Knight. He wears his Sacred Order uniform, as seen in several artworks.
- He doesn't weild the Fuuenken (Fireseal Sword), but rather a different sword, most likely the one from the various artworks of him.
- His portrait is in the center ring, just below Sol and Ky's, where the "XX" placeholder portrait was in the previous loke test.
- He doesn't yet have his taunts or winposes, apparantly.
- His IK is apprantly all new, but I'm guessing it could also be his IK from the original GG, as he seems to be a throwback to the first game in a lot of ways.
- His stance and most of his normal moves are about the same as the standard Sol, but a few of them are different. His JD is a kick of some sort, and some other moves changed too...

Charge Guage
Order-Sol has a "Charge Guage" in addition to the Tension Guage, which is situated just above the standard Tension Guage. This works in a way similair to the the original GG's guage, allowing him to build the guage and, in turn, power his attacks up. The attacks can be powered up to at most three ranks higher. Using these higher-powered moves consumes the Charge Guage.

Special Moves

Block Head Buster :: 236+P
- Physical attack technique similair to the body blow in Tyrant Rave. It's like a short-range version of Fafnir, and causes the flame to leap a short distance from the blade's handle. At higher ranks, it can reach halfway across the screen.

Gun Blaze :: 214+S
- Like the sliding part of Grand Viper, with a fairly short distance. Sol slides forward and a column of fire erupts where he passed, damaging the enemy with his "trail". At higher ranks, it has additional hits, more like Grand Viper.

Rocket :: 236+S
- Technique like a low, long-distance, rushing Fafnir. It has additional hits at higher ranks.

Storm Viper :: 623+S (Air OK)
- Like Volcanic Viper, except it doesn't go as high, only as high as a S VV. As the ranks increase, it adds an additional attack and knockdown.

Bandit Revolver Prototype :: 236+K (Air OK)
- At rank 1, it only does one hit, but as it gets higher, it does more.

Charge :: 63214+D (Hold Down)
- Sol poses and yells, filling his Charge Guage. It's pretty slow though.

Action Charge :: 22+D (After special move) (Air OK)
- The main way for filling the charge guage, you use it after special moves, like a combo. It charges much quicker, and can even be done in midair. Depending on how the special move hit the enemy (guarded, missed, etc.), the amount gained may vary.
- Works with Blockhead Buster, Gun Blades, and Rocket.

Charge Burst :: HS (During Charge)
- Consumes Charge Guage to perform a move like the Psych-Burst.


Savage Fang :: 632146+P
- Can supposedly be canceled during the installation frame. The higher your rank, the more flames that are released.

Tyrant Rave ver Ù (Omega) :: 632146+HS
- Only a single hit at rank 1. It gains an additional hit for each additional rank; 2=2 hits, 3=3 hits.

A.B.A New Character!
- A.B.A is about the same as she was in Isuka.
- Her recovery time for transfusions needed for her to change modes has apparantly decreased.
- Because she hasn't really changed, I won't repost her entire movelist from Isuka.
- She has new win quotes against certain characters.

Instant Kill
Darkness of Ignorance :: 236236+HS
- No description, but it's supposed to be "shocking" and takes a long time.
- It can be done in any of her modes.
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May 30, 2003
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I played the last GG that came out on PS2. I think it was called GG XX. It was absolute dog****. I'm a fan of the Guilty Gear series, but they tried to make it Super Guilty Gear Smash Brothers Melee with the 4 player capabilities. To get a better picture of how bad I thought this game was, I rented it and I felt I should have gotten my money back.

I loved GG X, but if this new one is anything like the piece of crap I played, I'm not looking forward to it.
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May 7, 2004
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^I think that would be Guilty Gear Isuka you're talking about? Never played it myself. Played Guilty Gear X and Guilty Gear XX Reload though, and they owned. The speed of the games makes the fighting extremely intense; I generally don't like 2d fighters anymore, but I love GG games. Plus, the music rocks big time.
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Nov 10, 2002
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Guilty Gear Isuka was crap.

Guilty Gear XX#Reload (The Xbox version) is better (Sammy ****ed up the PS2 version of GGXX by leaving out many moves that were supposed to be there - Xbox version has more missions and features anyway).

Guilty Gear XX#Reload Slash is goinna seem like a rehash of GGXX#Reload but its got just enough new gameplay elements and features (and 2 new characters) to make it somewhat new.

Though if you ask me their doing the same thing Capcom did was SF2 Series.

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