1. Hsu

    Banner for wow guild

    This is the REALLY early version of the banner I am working on for my world of warcraft guild. Nothing is final. The text right now is crap, but I like the font and effect. Tell me what you think and what I can do to change it around. I will update it as I get done.
  2. Kaination

    Guild wars - Rune help

    Yeah, I just bought a Rune. My character is a Necromancer/Mesmer For him I bought a minor blood magic, and put it on his Chest armor. Just recently I bought a Minor Domination Magic rune, and I cant put it on anything (when i put over an armor peice, it still shows the hammer with the...
  3. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Guild Wars -- Did I make a dumb mistake?

    I made a necromancer, then went warrior for my secondary profession. Was this stupid, in the sense that I don't get to wear warrior armor, that I'm basically going to be a necromancer with good weapon skills? Because I am so early in the game it would be smart for me to restart if my combination...
  4. Kaination

    Guild Wars Help D:

    I got guild wars a week ago, and i kept making new characters in role playing. So I decided, wtf is PVP, and when i clicked on it I fell in love with it :) But my question to you is: Anyone know a real good combination for PVP characters? List the names + Items, cause I keep getting my ass...
  5. Mr. Satans

    Guild Wars Picture Thread

    By the way, I just started playing Guild Wars yesterday [08/19/05] :P I don't have any screens (YET) of me and my friend after the destruction, but I will soon! <center>CLICK THE SCREENSHOT FOR MORE! </center>
  6. Sicron

    [Guild Wars] ESF Guild

    Well i was just surfing the internet and i saw alot of forum communitys teamed up on guildwars and i was wondering if we maybe could do the same? however i do not know how many people play guildwars on these forums X_x
  7. Sicron

    [Guild Wars] Second proffesion

    Well, i dont know what to choose as a second proffesion in Guildwars, and i was wondering if anyone can help me chose one when the time comes, my current proffesion is Elementalist
  8. K

    Guild War sig request

    I need a guild war sig made, ill supply the pictures that i want in it of course lol I want the name Death Red somewhere on it, with some kind of design, doesnt matter what, just make it look good with the pic lol
  9. K

    Guild Wars: Show Off!

    I made this thread mostly to show off the characters you guys made in guild wars if you have been playing it that is. Well here is my guy R/E Death Red
  10. J

    Guild Wars

    Well I picked this game up a couple of days ago, and wondered if anyone else has done the same. I've not had much time to play it, but I'm very impressed with what I've played so far. I'm especially liking that it doesn't take as long to feel like you've made progress in the game, which was one...
  11. Sailor Sonikiri

    Guild Wars:World Preview

    Hey, guys. Just wanted to let you know about Guild Wars-- They're having their "World Preview" this weekend. If you didn't already know, Guild Wars is an upcoming MMORPG, by ArenaNet--formed by some of the people who made the Diablo series, and quit Blizzard. It's going to be...
  12. C

    Guild Wars

    Anyone check out this game? Its a new mmorpg, and its got a lot of PvP, its by the same makers of CoH and L2 and its pretty fun. They released a lil single player quest demo and part of it is muliplayer, you can level buy you can do some quests. I started playin it and its pretty fun. I think...
  13. K

    hey who ever made gf buus sig please read this

    i forgot who made gf buus sig but it was awsome and i was wondering if you could make me a sig and no offense to droid 16 because i use ur sigs on kaitekdroid 1.0 but whoever made gf buus will they please pretty please make me a sig with a flashy background like blues and greens then make...
  14. D

    Attention All Sig Makers

    i am thinking of starting a sig makers clan or guild... tell me what u think. and tell me if you want to join...