1. Deathshot

    Guest Stars on Yu yu Hakusho

    Can you name them? Its easy. Game was released recently with all of em in it.
  2. Damaera

    Guest Section?

    Well I was suggesting this because I noticed ALOT of people register just to get there question answered. To cause this to stop I think the Admins should create a Guest section called Guest Secction. I think this would be a good idea so we don't get a waste of member and the people who ask the...
  3. Alteh

    FINALS!!!! Kuwabara vs guest!!!!

    You guys need to create a new sig for the finaly round which is now.
  4. Soulicro

    Match #7 - Guest vs Evil Trunks

    Friendly reminder of them rules: 1. The sig size does not matter, but it must be under the forum's rules max (600 x 200) 2. This isnt limited to Photoshop. You can use other programs. However, when posting the sig, please specify which programs you used. 3. You have up to 3 days to post...
  5. A

    vegeta beam bug PLEASE help

    when vegeta fire´s a beam, i get a really stretched out version, which looks very funny, and when he is finish firering it, he comes back to normal, can someone help me??
  6. fatmanterror


    can somebody please tell me where i can find a crack for milkshape? i cant find any and i cant buy it
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