1. Prozac

    The guessing genie

    Just found out about this little gem. <- I have no clue how long it has been around but it's new to me and blowing my mind. It's even guessing famous dutch people, like it's nothing. Amasing. Try anything, from your favorite anime character, to your favorite actor...
  2. S

    ok heres ESF_MAKO_REACTOR!

    ok i have been working on this for a day and its my secound map ^_^ its still not finished i have alot of work to do lol i did alot of it yesturday and i forgot to save and my pc crashed and lost a hell of alot of work i had mako water fall faling out the reactor top...
  3. Nuttzy

    ladies and gentlemen, i give you,...HEAD

    IGNORE the innuendo haha i knew it would get your attention, well going with the "creepy" theme thats been coming up as of late i got bored as hell and made a ,.... well dl it and see (its only 29 kb, thats a 30 second download for a 14.4k)
  4. DBZFever

    Some help with this model plz

    Hey, i am making a model, it will not be released, its just for my learning purposes, i have the back, side, and front done. I was just wondering how to connect them all and make it 3d, please please please do not tell me to read a tutorial.
  5. DJ-Ready

    WIP screens of my new map

    k, i thought i just throw out a screenie of my new (WIP) map for ESF... my other esf maps are ALL on hold ppl, so stop bugging me on aim/icq/msn! (pic may be not always online...) i just started terraforming, so dont expect much at this point...
  6. M

    I is bakz

    puter went boom... smo went cry.. then i went sslap
  7. Loki

    Need help

    Hmm im not quite sure what the word "pro" is but I've made one that I think goes with that. So all I need to make myself now is a emblem to put in the corner by my name. If someone could make me some sort of emblem plz that would be appreciated. Im guessing a 50x50 should be an appropiate...
  8. R

    help plz?????

    kan somwan edit me a ssj5goku whit sound plz
  9. C

    Resizing existing skeleton

    Resizing existing skeleton[Update] Does anyone have the address of a good tutorial for skeletons, mainly with info on resizing an existing one. Preferably useing 3DSmax but milkshop works too. Unless any of you can explain it here for me please. EDIT - I figured out how to resize the...
  10. P

    what modeleditor are easyist

    what modeleditor are the easyist ? plz say it !
  11. NightShade

    18 :)

    anyone working on 18 yet? be a nice thing to have when me wife gets home
  12. S

    New Namek

    Im just guessing on this one but are they going to have the new namek map and the Room of sprit and time room in the game.