1. nikolassj

    New skill for Piccolo & Hellzone Grenade

    Hi am new to this forum and i'd like to suggest you to add "Light Grenade". One of piccolos strongest and probably coolest skills/moves/attacks. He probably used it only once and that's in this episode of Dragon Ball Z: I DO NOT OWN DRAGONBALL...
  2. Y

    Create a Grenade Thread

    Heres mine :P Well it wasnt my concept... i used it from SC: Oblivion... w/e it was called... saw the concept and modeled it :P Make your own grenade! XD
  3. sub

    Half-Life 2 Black Hole Grenade Wow. They keep coming up with the greatest weapons ever. They've got the Crowbar, Gravity Gun, and Portal Gun. I hope this grenade shows up in a future episode.
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