1. Skyrider

    [Old PotW] PoTW: Freeza Force Grab!

    <a href="" rel="prettyPhoto[PoTW]"><img src=""></a> Enjoy people.
  2. Disguise

    Grab and Smash + objects

    Is it possible to make Grab and Smash do damage to destructible objects? I was thinking it'd be cool if you could grab the enemy, fly into objects, and they'd... smash.
  3. Disguise

    Smash & Grab

    Great I can't rename the thread correctly. Blah! ... Anyway Charged Turbo allows a Grab and Smash scenario. The reason for this is to make it more difficult to initiate, so that you’re not easily dragging people around all the time. Lets weave this into the use of Turbo as a response. P1 is...
  4. john_volkov

    Grab Oprion

    I was thinking about the grab maybe he will have an option when you grab your oponet and your pl is biger then his you will rise him up and break him on the knew like SuperAndroid 13 did to Vegeta it will be cool
  5. $sj Goku

    A New GraB!! [exclusive]!!

    OK HOW MaNY TIMES have you seen THIS IN THE SHOW??? AFter someone was beatin up badly or was dealt a serious amount of dmg the Victor* or the person doing the dmg Grabbed the prey*/Person behing hurt and hit them again into a rock or Kneeing them in the stomach!. (remember when brolly grabs...
  6. Andreyesf

    After the grab

    If you do the grab perfectely you have two choice right? hold the person and move with him and throw him into buildings etc .. 2.You hold the person and a teamnate punch him in the stomach . Now my sugestion is when you do the grab perfectely if you want to hold the enemy and to...
  7. I

    Er..How do I grab

    I know you rush at the oppenent and than what? Nobody online will tell me so help me out here people :)
  8. KilledWithStyle

    Grab block and eat block

    During the series, random enemies just ate a random blast that was thrown at them(if he was so much powerfull above the enemy). So I reckon that you can eat a blast if your powerlevel is much times bigger than a beanm/ blast that was thrown at them. (this will fill up the ki bar 2/3 of the...
  9. S

    Please!!!,somebody help me!, arghhhh...

    Okay here is the deal! i wanted to compile my model from .QC to MDL, and so it worked. but then i noticed milkshape didn´t grab the animations, only the reference, can i compile with the animations??? please help, thnx already!
  10. D


    tell me what u guyz think???
  11. G

    wow! beta1.2 grab!

  12. G

    1.2 Grab and Struggle!!!!

  13. B

    SWORD BUG - FIX, grab it here !!

    ok, this is a fix so you can have xhair and selection sprite for trunks sword attack PUT IT IN ->>> esf\sprites <<<-
  14. B

    Grab move

    The idea is that there is a new move called Grab. When you click with the mouse on a enemy, you will (just like Melee) teleport very fast to the enemy and grab it, so the enemy can't move! The enemy can only be released by pressing a button on the keyboard very fast. To prevent the enemy to...
  15. D

    Edited ESF gohan model

    ive made a few edits to the gohan model, one of the major edits is ive added more hair. take a look: of course credit to the team for this model and the amazing game they have produced im seeing if i can get it hosted at redsayain so if your intrested you can grab it there(but not yet)
  16. Akhkaru

    MS3D UV mapping?

    How do you UV map in MS3D, cause I wanna skin models I am planning on doing :)
  17. Deverz

    Sig up For Grabs

    well there was but it wont upload =P
  18. D

    Another Sig Up For Grabs

    the first one to reply to this post will get a cool sig...
  19. D

    Sig For Grabs

    hey all, i just made a cool sig and it is up for grabs... so reply to this post if you want it...
  20. D

    plz help me

    i was trying to make a map for esf, i was going to make The Other World Tornement arena (where goku fight's piccon just befor the sayaman saga) i thought it would be pretty cool with the stadium below and little planets above (if youve seen it its pretty cool). so heres my prob; is there a...