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Sep 13, 2008
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Great I can't rename the thread correctly. Blah! ... Anyway

Charged Turbo allows a Grab and Smash scenario. The reason for this is to make it more difficult to initiate, so that you’re not easily dragging people around all the time. Lets weave this into the use of Turbo as a response.

  • P1 is the attacker with Charged Turbo initiating the Grab and Smash.
  • P2 will vary, starting from Non-Turbo to Turbo to Charged Turbo.

Grab & Smash vs Non-Turbo
P1 is chasing P2. P2 is running Non-Turbo, flying around in several directions, attempting to avoid his attacks. P1 catches P2 and initiates a Grab and Smash. P2 starts hitting him back, but because he’s playing defensively, his attacks do very minimal damage to him. P1 then has very minor penalties to using this, and it becomes more beneficial. Maybe he can move him around faster as well.​

0:15 – Don’t change the animation to grab from behind, but the same idea where you can fly faster into objects does apply.​

Grab & Smash vs Turbo
P1 is fighting P2. P2 has Turbo on and they’re exchanging blows. P1 initiates Grab and Smash. P2 hits him back, dealing some decent damage to him in exchange.​

Grab & Smash vs Charged Turbo
P1 is fighting P2. P2 has a Charged Turbo on, and they’re both fighting for supremacy. P1 initiates Grab and Smash. P2 hits him back a few times, dealing some good damage. P2 then counter-initiates Grab & Smash, and they begin a battle of hitting and blocking each other’s attacks until it breaks.​

0:37 – This is what a counter Grab & Smash could look like. Since it can only happen with Charged Turbo, both must be Charged. Both are allowed to hit each other. The one who uses Grab & Smash again opts to get out of it, but he becomes the last one to get hit (Goku breaks it, Vegeta head-butts him).

Since both have Charged Turbo, the one with the least Ki will have to break it. Break it too late and you won't have time to maintain your charge. So it's like a game of chicken.​

Using Grab and Smash against a Non-Turbo defensive player is best. He'd be easier to move around and there would be less damage received.

GS against a Turbo consistent player would still receive some damage, but the GS damage would outweigh it. The one initiating GS would need to have some good Ki reserves.

GS against a Charged Turbo offensive player would be met with heavy resistance. It would turn into a slug fest, seeing which one will let go first. The one initiating would want to have a nearly full Ki or be sure the other is getting really low before starting it. If a player runs out of Ki during GS, the one initiating can swoop into anything with zero resistance with what remaining Ki is left.​

Turbo initiated during GS
Turbo could be initiated and charged by the victim. This could add drag resistance, so pulling him around would be less effective. The victim's punches would deal more damage as well. This depends largely on how much Ki the victim has to begin with though.
If the victim has full Ki, he could charge Turbo and either punch him back to deal some serious damage, or do a counter GS, locking them into a battle of exchanging blows until one lets go. Since the initiator has had charged Turbo on for longer, his Ki levels will most likely be lower, causing him to lose.

If the victim is low on Ki, he could either just turn Turbo on and keep punching him, or he could charge Turbo to scare the initiator into letting go. Either way, the initiator is running on borrowed time, as his Ki is constantly draining.

If the victim begins charging Turbo, he can fly him into a few objects, hit him a few times, and then let go. Or he could just start hitting him and then let go. Or he could hit him a few times to conserve Ki from swooping, and then use that Ki for the GS struggle.

If the initiator keeps punching the victim while he's charging Turbo, he might be more hesitant to using a counter GS struggle and might just start hitting him back until he lets go instead. This saves the initiator from losing a lot of his Ki and getting hit into the dirt last.​

So this adds a little diversity to the situation and prevents it from being spammed or happening the same way every time. If hitting the other player hurt stamina, whereas dragging them didn't, then you might want to keep punching the other player hoping they'll drop into low stamina so the Turbo will wear off. There's some added elements of strategy and response under this whole system I've explained.

Since low stamina players can't use Turbo, they'd be in for one hell of a ride.​

Other Considerations
If Transformations have a greater power from charged Turbo but a greater consequence, then players will have to be more cautious with how they use it as a response. If SSJ3 Goku is a victim in GS, then by charging Turbo, he forces himself to deal with a greater consequence than untrans Charging Turbo. Meaning after the GS was over, it'd take SSJ3 Goku a longer time to recover his Ki than the untrans, and it'd make him more vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

Charging Turbo would then be best used as a counter mechanism for untrans players, making using the move on weaker players a little more balanced.

SSJ2 Goku initiates GS on untrans Krillin. Untrans Krillin can charge Turbo more quickly perhaps, and after the GS is over, he can recover his Ki much more quickly as well, allowing him the first follow-up attack on SSJ2 Goku, who will have a much longer recovery time.

As a result, untrans players can minimize the GS duration, but they take much more damage under a shorter time. This allows better Ki control and less fear of a GS struggle for the Transformed initiator, and less downtime for the Untrans victim. Both are happy.
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Nov 21, 2003
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If ya run out of KI while doing the G&S you simply let him go.

BTW the damage from the defender alone is so high that you wont be using the G&S on him for more than a couple of seconds.

Oh and This is a bit how it looks like

As for why its set so that you have to have turbo activated.

Cause we cound it as a throw and we wanted a throw similar to 1.2 in aswell. Ofcourse the new throw drains ****loads of KI so it aint as easy to use as it was in 1.2

So that left us with no more mouse button combinations to use on the G&S. So 2 ideas came up. The first was to have both techniquesspread amongst the chars. So some would get throw and the other G&S. But that was overruled by a way to give all to everyone. The solution was. Since G&S uses momentum to drag the other guy round we simply folowed the logic. You need turbo activated while executing the throw move to perform a G&S. Simply because Turbo gives you a speed boost.

It has nothing to do with limiting it for dificulity to initiate ^^
Was just the only other alternative.
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I'm suggestint to add a new attack for Majin Vegeta called "Majin Vegeta's Bitch Slap". 05:07 of the 2nd video.

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