1. Kaination

    My government campaign video. **** yeah, :D I was in charge of directing a campaign video (was originally supposed to be 60 seconds but meh.) Easiest part of the project. comments?
  2. M

    Overthrowing the Government

    Would such a thing be possible to do? I know the right to bear arms was implemented in the event that the government oversteps their station, but would it be possible for the people to overthrow the government as it stands now? And in the event of a rebellion against the government, would our...
  3. Optimus Prime

    Yaksumash, my name a Borat. My government send me to U.S. and A. to make a movie film

    Who else is going to see this? Please tell me people are as excited as I am.
  4. Deman

    Nationstates, the Fantasy Government This is a fun little dealio. Lets you create a country to your own likings, and then lets you make decisions on its issues. So start one up and share the link with us :D is mine.
  5. ssjFajita

    Student Government (High School)

    Do you like it? Hate it? Does it do more good than bad? What's your opinion of it? Please leave all opinions of regular government out of this AKA White House, Congress, President, etc...
  6. Synth

    Government Preference

    Hi, Im your friendly neighborhood Tae Kwon Do master with a simple poll. please vote with a serious answer, im not against any form. they all have their strengths and weaknesses. i would also like to hear your opinions on any of them thx :)