1. Deathshot

    Gmod Painting

    So I decided to try to start pixel painting in Gmod. For my first try, I did something easy and went with a Classic.
  2. Nuttzy

    i wanna make my own gmod props -_-, ZOMG HALP ME

    ive never once compiled a model for HL2, that being said i doubt i have the tools to do so, but perhaps someone can help me figure it out. i want to make a prop, similar to those big spiral coin rolling things for an idea i had in my head, and well recreating it with existing props would be...
  3. M

    $10 for GMOD?!

    Picture Source: News Source: So what do all of you think about this?
  4. Kaination

    G-mod, CS models?

    Meh, I went to go play G-mod yesterday and said "There's probally a **** load of updates since Gmod 5". I updated and I see Counter-strike rag dolls. Anyone know how to actually get the CS models in G-mod? Or is it not possible? D:
  5. Growler

    Gmod Game Box

    Hey, I need instruction on how to put this in game... but anyway... here you go. Rate please - 0/10. Thanks (This box is an original piece, please give credits if you use it for something) FRONT- SIDE (3/4)- BACK- RENDER-
  6. L

    Gmod for Half-life 2

    I recently found this mod, called Garry's mod lol, How original.. So you've played Half-Life 2... and you loved it. Now you want to mess around with the physics. This is what my mod is for. I wanted to mess around with the physics too and that's why I made this...