1. t he OnE Z Er0

    could someone do something about that kid buu they put in

    i think that buu needs more work and needs to be for 1.1
  2. MaX

    my backround pack :)

    my 1st edits and art are in the pack. there about 13-18 pics i forget. anyway hope ya like. and remember there some of my 1st stuff. :) :)
  3. squanman

    Wallpaper+sig, one of first

    Ahoi there, made meself a wall+sig ... It's one of the first I made and I'm still learning photoshop, so be easy on the crits, mkay ... :fight: O yeah, the pic of Tien is not the best quality, but I couldn't find any better ones of him flying like this ... The sig is the one I use...
  4. Lone Wolf

    Something wierd O.o

    I dont know what I made... It was done in Photoshop though. Any critz? This is the first time I made something wierd and abstract like this in Photoshop O.o Nothing special.... But I want CRITZ!!!!!
  5. S

    need help with a tutorial

    I could need some help here: "Next load make sure Milkshape is the active application and press ALT + Print Scrn. This will copy an image of the Milkshape application. Load Photoshop and use File > New to create a new image. Name the file ref_ body and click “OK”. Using the selection...
  6. D

    i need that model

    i will see that model my email is :\ :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  7. stiffdog

    new drawing

    heres a new pic. copy and paste to main heart :]
  8. SpriGGan

    SSJ4 GOku

    hey anyone know for a website with a ssj4 goku or n e noe kind enough to donate me there ssj4 goku i dont mean to bug n e of you if you dont want to help its ok but any help would be greately aprciated thanks in advance guys
  9. M


    Are there any plans for a Janemba model conversion? I was thinking that he would be good to replace Trunks. With the Magic Sword that Janemba had, and some of his attacks would fit good with trunk's.
  10. Mistery X

    Saiyan Crusades Chibi Tunks WIP

    Here is what I've got so far.. gona make the rest of the arms soon and the hair to.. ssj and normal.. tell me what u guys think OH and I have a new website thats what I havnt been online much ^_^
  11. Hawki_ice

    Problem with Tien

    Ok i was using the Tien pack i got and it was working fine with the Distructo disk! then i put the Redsayin Tien models in and the Disck charges in the wrong hand meaning he rasies his hand but it charges in the one that by his side???? help what do i do 2 fix it? *edit* Pic
  12. stiffdog

    new website i created

    :] hey guys i made a website about some of my drawings i recently finished a goku drawing and will add it on later today. pics are big need to fix that its still under construction but up and running. go there and see some of my drawings non of its dbz ... yet will add goku sometime today...
  13. Death The Jedi


    I'm not done with it yet, but any critz?
  14. V

    pr0 Squad

    Anbody with the pr0 squad I wanted to know if you had a spot left for a modeler Or a trainee modeler, I have made a Johnny the Homicidal maniac model and the Spawn model, I really would be good at edits, but I dont know how to edit characters using other characters parts in milkshape but I...
  15. VivaLaPineapple

    new deviant id

    comments and critz plz programs used: photoshop 3dsmax
  16. Jonesdaniel

    my first (and stupidest) GIF sig

    Ok, everything on my gif sig is made by me in paint (top class programme) i know its really dumb and stupid, but its meant to be what you guys think?
  17. T

    Help Me please

    Hello, Im searching for an Adult Gohan->Goku clothes.(not the Wounded one please :] ) And i also am searching for a GOOD soundpack with it or sumthing like that. ------------------------------------- Ive been searching ESF forum but i cant find them things :cry:
  18. S

    what program is needed to start mapping?

    where and what do u need? Thanx
  19. B

    Model Search Request

    Hi,im new to the fourms and i was wondering if anyone knew where i could probally find a Cooler(frezias older brother)or a Pikion Model i used the search button and searched the forums but cant find them does anyone know if any of theres two models been released yet.....:)
  20. Ultra33Gokussj3


    You just didnt see version 2!:scared: