1. Vash_Locke

    Gettin this workin

    now i know this may be a debatable question and i did read the previous posts but i have done every thing i can and it still wont work can i get someone to tell me or send me a guide or sumthin of how to get evm working i can get into the maps but i have many problems such as cannot use special...
  2. Vash_Locke

    Im Gettin Frustrated

    I had to re-install my esf now its not working the way it should at all. the graphics are crap, i dont get the transformation animations anymore when ever i melee the screen goes all flashy, i did what i could to make my graphics restored but its not working please i need help some one any one...
  3. G

    gettin started...

    like i cant open the game when i use desktop esf it opens and says broswer can anybody help me with it? :S
  4. C

    Teleoprting is gettin kinda useless

    With the new meleee its pretty hard to dodge and teleport to regain ki. If you tele once, you sussualy just tele back and then right or left, with the new melee, you just have to swoop right or left and you got em. I think teleport should take less ki and be more mobile, so its easier to dodge...
  5. V

    i think im gettin it

    well its way better than my last 1, which one should i use? EDIT: added a border
  6. S


    ok i just have a question and need help ok i just downloaded the 1.1 beta ESF and installed it but after i install it i restart then when i get back on i go to click the shortcut and it always comes up with ;( ;( ;( missing shorcut cstrike.exe is missing and its getting me rly annoyed...
  7. D

    this is my first real attempt

    ok im workin on my very first REAL attempt messing around in MSPAINT!, so sry if this sucks, ill post it in a little bit, plz dont say it sucks horribly, i know that ill be back on in a bit edit: k maybe not, i might hit the hay. itll be up 2marrow most likly, if i remember it
  8. Vegito1180

    BlueLight Bulb

    OK Critz?
  9. TimTheEnchantor

    Wish you were here at the Home Front!

    Hope you get what this means :P I'm practically finished with it...I like the lighting and placement of the brushes/pictures...if you look carefully, next to the silhouette of the man in the right, u can see nazi fighters.. The subject: The picture of the man in front of the nazi tank is a...
  10. T


    Yeah, I need it for modelling, where can I get it? cause im not paying for it... =D
  11. Bryggz

    (HELP) Vertex with invalid bone assignment?

    hey guys im gettin this message when im trying to export my model anybody know a solution? i hardly know what this means
  12. GhostfaceKillah

    new sig!!!

    just take a look and give me an opinion, its nuttin special, just somtin i whiped up cause boomspeed went down and i lost all my damn art
  13. L

    I have now the Program Worldcraft, but i don`t know...

    I have now the Program Worldcraft, but i don`t know how to use it and i didn`t understand the Worldcraft help manual. Please can anyone get help for me????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. imported_Mirai_Trunks

    Makin a model

    Just letting you know i'm doing a model for gohan ( or anyone when i change the heads). When i'm done i will post some pics. Its not to good but i'm gettin better!!
  15. G

    How do u stop gettin an email after everytime a person replys a post

    How do u stop gettin an email after everytime a person replys a post?