1. Plakman

    Music genre

    Hi there, I was looking for the music genry of this song: it's free to download mentioned in the reactions (just a side note) But i'm kinda looking for more of that kind of music. I just don't know what to look for. It's the drums that...
  2. M

    Music Genre Identification Assistance

    I would say that I have a fairly broad taste in music overall, but with some songs, I have trouble identifying what genre they lie in. The songs that I am going to list are ones that I like a lot, anyways, please take a brief listen and list a genre that the song fits under, thank you. - ...
  3. kam!

    What's you favourite music genre?

    Post what types of music you like. Mine is always changing. 1 year ago i listened to hip hop and some rock, then more rock, and now only house and electronic music (but no techno)
  4. imkongkong

    favorite music genre

    what music genre is your favorite? edit: i forgot classical!!! :p
  5. -ThrillKill-

    Your favorite genre of music.

    Everyone has personal tastes pertaining to music and all of its varied forms. Some people are partial to rock while others have their hearts set on rap/hip-hop. What is your favorite genre of music? Post what it is, and a brief description of why you love it. Note to potential respondants...
  6. K

    ESF's Genre?

    I was reading a post earlier (Attach SBC?), and someone said it would be bad to attach the SBC because it would Piccolo an advantage. However, without the Unattached SBC why play Piccolo? The SBC isn't nearly as strong as some other attacks, the Masenko is...well...crap, and Frieza's fingerlaser...